Monday, June 24, 2013

Who's Blood on Who's Hands........

The lawyer for the parents of Trayvon Martin claims the only blood on the hands of anyone, os on the hands of George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman the adult with a gun against the unarmed child.

In the first legal maneuver of the show trial of 2013, George Zimmerman's parents have been excluded from the court room as sequestration potential witnesses.  Zimmerman's attorney should have countered and subpoenaed Tayvon Martin's parents as witnesses and requested that they too be sequestered from the court room.. But don't look for that to happen.

What is being portrayed as an ALL WHITE jury and all female jury has been seated and the trial has begun and is being provided over by a white female judge.  The fact that there are Hispanics on the jury means about as much to the black community both locally and nationally, as does the fact that George Zimmerman is Hispanic.  George Zimmerman is just another white man to them and the women on this jury are seen and portrayed in the same manner, regardless of their racial heritage.

What to look for in this trial?  A lot of hysterics will be the pattern the media will pursue from the opening gavel to the verdict.  Trayvon Martin's mother is on record stating that she is in the courtroom and will be in the courtroom everyday, to see that Trayvon get's justices.  What is justice to this woman?  Only one thing.  A guilty verdict.  The same will be true with the media.  The constitution and the Bill of Rights be damned.  We have a white man done went and killed a young innocent black child and therefore it must be a racist act of murder.  No other way to see it, portray it or report it. And the jury damn well better figure it out to that conclusion.  

Disregard that Trayvon Martin was 17 years old and not a child. Disregard that Trayvon Martin was physically grown. disregard that Trayvon Martin was portraying himself as a thug wanna be on social media and to his friends and family before his death.  Disregard the fact that Trayvon Martin knocked and punched George Zimmerman to the ground, then got on top of him and pummeled his head into the cement trying to kill him.  Disregard that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, lacerations to the back of his head and he was treated for those injuries after the attack and that is on the record.  In essence, disregard every bit of evidence in this case, except for the hue and cry of the parents and the local and national civil rights leaders  and the media who are demanding that George Zimmerman be convicted of first degree premeditated murder.

When this trial ends, if George Zimmerman is not convicted of murder?  This nation will explode.  Blacks in cities all across America will spill into the streets with the justification they have been wanting for to once again engage in looting and pillaging. And what will the local and federal responses be to the riots that will certainly occur?  The official response will be lip service while the non official response will be to let it burn.  Hell will freeze over before anyone steps into to intervene in what will be seen as the greatest example of righteous racial indignation since the Rodney King trial.

So those are the choices for this jury. Either they completely ignore and disregard the overwhelming evidence of George Zimmerman's innocence and right to defend himself from personal injury or death and they acquit him? Or they do their racially judicial duty and convict him to hell regardless of what the evidence proves to be the case. .

If this jury fails to convict George Zimmerman? They themselves will be vilified and threatened for their lives and hunted and chased from their jobs and communities.  Where as if they convict George Zimmerman?  They will be saints.  They will be added to the guest lists of all the major networks and all the popular culturally correct talk shows. Hells bells!  They will probably even get a private audience and dinner at the white house with the president and Michelle.

My gut feeling is that this jury will return a straight up conviction of George Zimmerman for murder within eight hours of closing arguments. If they don;t?  By the time the sun goes down on the first night after the verdict, America will be ablaze.

George Zimmerman's parents
Zimmerman Parents Barred from Courtroom, Trayvon's Parents Allowed to Stay 

 In an exclusive to Breitbart News, the family of George Zimmerman has stated the Zimmerman’s parents have been barred from the courtroom by the State of Florida, even though under Florida law, the alleged victim’s family – the family of Trayvon Martin – has been allowed to stay. The state claims that because the Zimmermans may be witnesses for the state, they must be barred from the courtroom.

Defense attorney Don West “made it abundantly clear to the jury the limitations the rule of sequestration places upon Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman's ability to support their son George with their presence,” a statement released by the family explained. “Our parents were in the courtroom and determined to support their son, but the State of Florida prevented them from doing so. George can count on his parents' and his family's unwavering and unconditional support, as he has throughout this ordeal, until he is acquitted.”

Martin’s parents have been inside the courtroom, and have spoken to the media. “"I'm here today as Trayvon Martin's mom as I have been every day. I will be attending every day to get justice for my son," said Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother. "I ask that you pray for me and my family because I don't want any other mother to have to experience what I am going through now."

Ben Shapiro is Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News and author of the New York Times bestseller “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” (Threshold Editions, January 8, 2013).

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