Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Shumer there are no borders

No senator, the only thing that is huge is your ego and your arrogance and your lack of understanding of the threats that this nation is facing because of people like you. When Hell finally arrives, I hope it finds a parking place right next to you. 

Schumer: 'Illegal Immigration Will Be a Thing of the Past'

Schumer said the Gang of Eight would not compromise by conditioning the path to citizenship on “factors that may not ever happen” like border security. He complained that border security should not be used as a “bargaining chip.”
And while Schumer claims the bill fixes enforcement issues, he also dismissed border security as not a real pressing concern.
“We don't have a problem whereby these people [illegal immigrants] are besieging us with terrorist acts,” Schumer said.
Schumer also said he has been to the border with other Gang of Eight senators and said “it’s huge.”

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