Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Spy Who Went Out Into The Cold

 An interesting twist to the story of Edward Snowden.  As an observer I happen to believe the man has revealed the raw underbelly of the beast. The reality of how severe the intrusion into American rights actually is has been revealed.

Once again, for those paying attention, under the auspices of saving us from terrorists, the US government is actually engaged in spying on America domestically, which is where their real desire for knowledge has always existed.  America doesn't need any intelligence on our potential enemies. abroad, we proved that during WWII. We knew what the Japanese and the Germans were up to, our government chose to ignore the facts for other more profitable realities. Besides, if anyone attacks us? We simply conscript an army and go fight a war some where.  That is precisely what happened after September 11th 2001 and what exactly has been accomplished.  Our president is in the process of establishing "talks with the Taliban" as we speak.

Perhaps if we negotiate with the Taliban, we can get them to agree to recall their navy and air force. Perhaps they will agree to withdraw their ground forces. Perhaps they will........wait a minute, that would be America who would be agreeing to those things.

No, the irony is that we now have two instances where Americans have pulled back the curtain and shown us precisely who is pulling all the levers in the land of Oz and in both instances these individuals have been portrayed as traitors. I hardly thinks so. I happen to thinks that the traitors are those responsible for allowing the Chinese to access our most sensitive missile guidance system software during the Clinton administration.  I happen to think that the egalitarian idiocy that allows our homeland security and transportation safety administration to target and humiliate grandmothers, children and veterans, while allowing those we know to be responsible for terror to walk about freely are the real traitors.

Make no mistake, Edward Snowden has revealed the very things that this presidency and the previous one did not want the people to know.  It has been revealed that our government is more concerned with domestic spying on Americans than it is on any intelligence aims involving our enemies.

Hopefully the Icelandic government will give the man asylum.  There is truly a surprise and reversal of representation.  While it is clearly evident that America should have been pursuing the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Russians, if Iceland gives Snowden asylum, they will move to the top of the list of our 'enemies.'

I say go for it Iceland.  Take the so called spy in to the cold and allow him to spell it ut for the sheeple of America who truly are nothing less than dumb masses.

Icelandic Asylum If Approved For Snowden.

 A man crosses a street next to banner displayed in support of Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, June 17, 2013. Snowden's presence in Hong Kong is shining a global spotlight on the city, where relations with Beijing is testy, and any Chinese interference into the ongoing saga sets a precedent to how the city will be governed. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
An Icelandic businessman is offering to transport Edward Snowden to the island nation aboard a chartered jet if Iceland's government grants asylum to the man who exposed the National Security Agency's massive harvesting of Internet and phone records.
"Everything is ready on our side and the plane could take off tomorrow,'' DataCell executive Olafur Sigurvinsson told Iceland's Channel 2 television station, Agence France-Presse reports.
"We have really done all we can do. We have a plane and all the logistics in place. Now we are only awaiting a response from the [Icelandic] government," he said. "It would be stupid to come here only to be extradited to the United States. In that case he'd be better off where he is."
Sigurvinsson said the jet is owned by a Chinese company and was chartered for $240,000, which was raised with donations to DataCell, a Web company that processes credit card payments to WikiLeaks. His Twitter page says he's the company's chief operating officer.
[WIKILEAKS: Journalist Under FBI Investigation Before Death]
"We could fly Snowden over tomorrow if we get positive reaction from the Interior Ministry," Sigurvinsson told Reuters. "We need to get confirmation of asylum and that he will not be extradited to the U.S."
Snowden would be most secure in Iceland if the country gave him citizenship, according to his Icelandic advocates.

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