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A Year After Ferguson, Black Men Seven Times More Likely to Be Shot By police

Link To Washington Post Article

"There are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics".......It looks like the Washington Post is about to shit stir the race baiting controversy once again on the heals of the Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown fiasco. The Washington Post is publishing a lead article today, decrying the number of police shootings of unarmed blacks in America and the apparent rise in the numbers of these shootings by police.

The statistics from the Washington Post data base of police shootings, reflect that twenty four blacks have been shot by police so far this year. The fact that there have been 585 people shot and killed by police this year, seems to reflect nothing to the media when looking for a racial angle to focus on. Its the 24 so called "unarmed blacks" that they want to focus on, because there is where the red meat to fire up the masses is.

The next statistic thrown on the table by the Post is this one. Blacks accounted for 40% of the 60 unarmed deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers so far this year.  Therefore, the representative statistical anomaly appears to be that blacks, a race that only comprises 6% of the overall population, are disproportionately being shot and killed by police officers. Add to that the disproportionate number who are shot and killed while unarmed and you have created the desired representation of racism.  Based upon those statistics, there can be no doubts of racism by the police. There appears to be an unarguable and clearly defined pattern of police abuse and police murder of the black man in America and the Washington Post wants to be the one to sound the alarm.

But wait a minute.....Is this the entire picture? Is this the accurate representation of statistics as portrayed by the Washington Post.   Or is this simply a cherry picked version of statistics that supports the socially driven media meme of unfairness to blacks that the Post is seeking to create.  According to this Washington Post article, blacks are seven times more likely to be shot by police (statistically), that whites are. Therefore it would appear to be an open and shut case and an undeniable fact that blacks are disproportionately targeted by police.

But its not an open and shut case, not by a long shot.     

Its not an open and shut case for several other undeniable facts that the media and the progressive leftist in America don't like to talk about when they are creating their exclusionary landscapes of statistical analysis in support of disparate treatment of blacks in America  The glaring statistics that they don't like to talk about? Are the statistics of demographics and crime in America when viewed in their totality. 

Just who is it committing crimes in America is determined by looking at the racial break down of those arrested and involved and those statistics portray an interesting reality. The link below will give you a peek in the box as to who is actually responsible for crime in America and the link will do so based upon statistics of race and ethnicity and crime in America provided by the FBI.

Of course since the link is to the published FBI statistics, the statistics are non-refutable and non-challenge-able, as they are the exact same statistical source that the Washington Post and others in media utilize to compile their data when they are trying to build their cases and force a racial perspective based upon cherry picked statistics. So I utilized their same source.

The link below takes you to the FBI source page of criminal demographics for 2012.  Keep in mind that the FBI is always two to three years behind on releasing their collective statistical analysis of crime in America,  therefore, 2012 statistics are what are currently available for review by the general public.

FBI 2012 Most Recent Crime Demographics

As you review the crime categories and you note the numbers of incidences of crimes by race, try to keep one number in mind.  As you are looking at crimes committed by blacks in America? Violent crimes..sexual assaults...aggravated assaults and all other categories of crime listed?  Remember this,  these are all crimes committed by 6% of the population.  That's right. Look at the numbers for yourself and let that simple reality soak into your thinking. .

Truly 50% of ALL CRIME in America is committed by 6% of the population. So have the FBI's statistics proven for at least the past fifty years.  6% of the population? 6% of the population accounts for at least half of  those committing specific crimes in America today?  Does anyone in media seem interested or curious over that specific statistical reality?  Apparently not. The mainstream media is certainly not interested in those figures, because those figures serve only to cloud the perceptions the media is attempting to create in the minds of Americans.

The mainstream media is far more content to throw out cherry picked raw numbers and then weave their desired assertions of bias and racism into their spin cast of the news.  There are no racially charged connections to be made in the minds of the easily led, if all the media ever does is to tell the citizens at large the truth.  These citizens at large have no capability of discerning the truth any way, so why not tell them your truth and help them come to the conclusions that you would like for them to arrive at.

"A year after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting, unarmed black men are seven times more likely than whites to die by police gunfire"

That's right and that statistic is correct!

The problem is?  No one in politics or media is ever interested in plugging in the other statistics. When the media talks about the disproportionate numbers of blacks being arrested, the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, the disproportionate number of blacks being shot by police officers; no one ever considers that the disproportionate number of blacks involved and the disproportionate number of blacks being talked about, are the disproportionate number of blacks who represent 6% of the overall population of this country.

So in the fair analysis of racial demographics and crime and police intervention in America, it has to be recognized and realized that you are talking about 6% of the population that is responsible for at least 50% of all crime.  Therefore, the statistical probabilities that the 6% of the population, who are committing the largest volume by race of crimes statistically,  are going to be arrested, imprisoned or end up being shot by the police more often. 

It is really not any statistical anomaly at all, once you look at the overall numbers.  What it is and what it truly represents is the smoke and mirrors being used to deceive the American people and those willfully being lied to and those willfully accepting the forced perspectives of race bias where no race bias even exists.

If tomorrow 10,000 Martians came to earth and began committing crimes of the magnitude and frequency as to account for 50% of our crimes every year, Would it be considered racist to point out that all those crimes were being committed by a minority of 10,000 Martians?  You damn right it would be and there in lies the real problem of race and racism in America.  Its racism because the media says its racism and the politicians and the sheep follow those representations and willfully accept the falsely created reality as the undeniable truth.

Blacks in America are more likely to be shot by police for one reason and one reason only. Blacks commit the largest proportion of crimes annually in America.

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