Monday, August 03, 2015

America's New #1 Villain "The Huntress!"

I saw this gal posting and getting hammered on Facebook all last week. Now it appears the media has discovered her and they have started their own shit storm about her and her hunts.  The bottom line for me is this.  I am not a hunter and never have been a hunter. I don't disagree with those who hunt food animals like deer or rabbits or birds for both their sport and food, but I do take exception to those like this gal, who seem to hunt exclusively for the so called thrill of it.

If killing animals is a thrill or its the way you get your thrills? Then that is something indicative of a sick mind to me.  I am not against killing animals for food, but just to shoot something like a Giraffe so that you can say you shot one? I'm sorry, but that puts you in the sick mind category for me.

On another note, these hunts and these stories are nothing new. The only thing that is new? Is the news (media) using them to distract away from other stories that they want Americans to forget about.  Stories like the planned parenthood revelations of selling dismembered aborted babies and the Iran nuclear deal Obama and Kerry are trying to nurse through congress. Or the dismal economy. all worthy issues of interest, but its more important to chase ghosts and vilify individuals over activities that are undoubtedly legal and paid for in Africa before the shit storms began.

And yes, that is precisely why stories like this gal "huntress"  and the other American who supposedly killed Cecil's brother are being given headline banners and added segments in the morning and evening news reports. Where are the reports of people being targeted and assaulted by blacks because they are white or because they have a Confederate flag?  We are not seeing those in the mainstream, because these actions and crimes don't fit the mainstream medias desired representation of race relations in America.  That's alright. give it time. A time is coming when they will no longer be able to deny the truth or the reality.

I hope everyone remembers this when the wheels come off the wagon of our economy and there is rationing of food and gasoline and even electrical power. And once the rioting in the streets begins and the mob robs become daily events and the tempo of more black lives matter rampaging against white people begins to occur on a daily basis nationwide. Oh!  And don't forget the continued ginned up hate for the Confederate flag, while the same people who allege hatred by others, proudly display their pride flags all over this country and decry and demean the Confederate flag.

In America today?  Hate is like beauty. Its in the eye of the beholder and who the media chooses to approve for hate. 

American huntress sparks fury by posting selfie with dead giraffe in South Africa

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