Thursday, August 27, 2015

When The Media Becomse The Target Will They Listen

Yesterday the media became the target and once again, the immediate reaction has been the predictable media sponsored calls for more gun control. Gun control becomes the siren call of the mainstream media and the mythological panacea that solves all societal wrongs anytime some random nut decides to kill people.

I have a question. Would it be different if unborn babies were killed with guns? When are the calls for respect of unborn life and individual responsibility going to be represented as necessities worthy of national introspective or reflection by the mainstream media? When are those values going to be expressed as worthy concerns by media?  When is the media going to challenge the millions of babies murdered legally in America each year?

The assault weapons most frequently used to kill over fifty million unborn children in this country over the last forty two years, are commonly found in abortion clinics across America every day; and no one says a damn thing about those. No one calls for those weapons of death to be limited or restricted. No one tells the abortionist how many instruments he is allowed to possess or utilize.

Planned Parenthood...... Has killed more human beings than any random psychopath has ever killed in America or ever will kill, yet there remains no hue and cry against their actions or their harvesting of unborn babies as a business. Those babies they harvest as "tissue" are treated no better than bacteria in a petri dish. They have no rights and no say so, yet you never hear the impassioned pleas of mainstream media to end the violence perpetrated against their lives.

We hold these truths to be self evident?  That all men are created equally? That all are entitled to the rights to life? Liberty? And the pursuit of happiness?  All but the disqualified class of the unborn apparently. There was a time when the law of this land established that anyone with one drop of black blood was enough to consider them black and deprive them of the constitutional rights and protections afforded to all others. Yet when are we going to adhere to the constitutional directive that we are as a nation are to: "
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

So my version of the media reality that consistently preaches gun control on the heals of another random act of violence is this. Don't preach to me about gun control and black lives matter, or random acts of violence? As long as the media industry in this country stands idly by while millions of unborn children are killed annually in this country every day. Killed without so much as the bat of an eye. Of which? A significant majority of those slaughtered unborn babies are black. Therefore, the media can preach until their lungs burst about black lives matter and I am not getting their message. I refuse to get it, just as long as they continue to refuse to acknowledge the truth behind these "random acts of violence," and how they are both perpetuated and allowed to occur.The same as abortions are perpetuated and allowed to occur.

The media can preach to me about gun control and responsible gun ownership, right after they demonstrate to me that there is a consensus of opinion nationally, both in media and in government, that demonstrates that effective measures can be taken and have been taken; to curb the wanton violence in abortion clinics. Violence against the unborn, that is occurring exponentially across the board in America every day. Talk to me about a respect for the value of human life, right after you have demonstrated your respect for the lives of the unborn.

I make no apologies for my feelings on these issues. If there are those that claim a woman's right to choose, includes a woman's right to kill her unborn baby? A human being who has done absolutely nothing to warrant death? Then I assert my right to choose to live unencumbered and in peace from the wanton desires and the criminal acts of those who may want to harm me or my family with their media ignored violent cultures.

In such instances as the preservation of my own life, I reserve the right to terminate the existence of anyone who threatens me with violence or death and if those in the media and their supporters don't like that? I say too bad. Just like in Roanoke Va. yesterday, its not the availability of legally obtained and legally owned firearms that is at the root of the problem. What is at the root of the problem in America is the lack of  individual responsibility and the lack of individual accountability and societies refusal to do what needs to be done to realistically curb violence, for fear of offending anyone but the victims of murder. 

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