Monday, August 10, 2015

Ferguson Is Being Stoked To Explode As Another Triggering Point

So.....last Thursday there were two Ferguson police officers shot and wounded.  Somehow I must have missed that on the news last week, because I know the media reported it. right.  Last night?  Another individual opened fire on two police officers in their vehicle and when they returned fire, he was critically wounded.  Meanwhile, others in the protest crowd opened up with gunfire on other police officers and troopers in Ferguson.

Police Shoot Man in Ferguson Following One-Year Anniversary of Michael Brown's Death

 This morning they are reporting that the shooter was a "friend" of Michael Brown. Meanwhile others in Ferguson, including protest organizers are promising more protests today and what they are calling civil disobedience.  Stay tuned today folks, as this is almost certainly going to get out of hand again.

Fuses are being lit nationally. There is too much of this happening for it to be spontaneous or random.  Someone or some group of people are going around inciting violence and recruiting the young and stupid to be their trigger points. 

ABC US News | World News

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