Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Media & The Field of GOP Candidates, Need to Stop Messing With The Tar Baby

Donald trump has risen to the top of seventeen candidates for the GOP nomination by artful design. there has been no deceit involved, only the raw, unabashed and UN-waxed truth.  That's what Americas like him and that is why he continues to hold the interest and imagination of American voters who are tired of the business as usual antics of the present field from both parties.

Those who are familiar with the story of the Tar Baby would do well to revisit it and learn from the lesson taught to Brer Rabbit and all who sought to punch a Tar Baby.  When you punch a Tar Baby?  All you do is get yourself stuck in the mess adn besides, the Tar Baby likes it. 

I say go for it Donald.  Tonight all you need to do is be yourself and let those who want to punch the Tar Baby have at it.  When the sun comes up tomorrow, America will see who is covered in the aftermath and who has made an ass out of themselves trying to pin the tail on the donkey. 

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