Friday, August 07, 2015

The Socceress And The 2016 Fox News Debate Circus: Trump Wins.....

Different people can witness the exact same event and come away with entirely different perceptions. Nothing unusual there.  Such was the case last night as it concerned the first Fox News GOP major debate of the 2016 election.  Fox had already hosted an earlier and lesser GOP debate of the seven not so shiny candidates who were not invited to the big stage last night.  The major difference that I could see between the two debates, was that  Fox News didn't try to ambush the seven lesser candidates in the first debate; but they sure as hell did try to ambush the ten prime time candidates and Donald Trump had the largest bulls-eye on his backside of any of them.

Brett Behr opened the Fox News circus by coming directly after Donald Trump with the obvious question that was designed to attack Trump on his position concerning a third party run.  From that point forward in the debate, every effort put forth by the Fox News panel seemed to be aimed more at proposing "gotcha" questions to Trump and the other nine candidates, than pursuing genuine lines of questioning.

A debate is supposed to be the opportunity for the people to see a comparative analysis of varying and differential political opinions by the candidates.  Apparently Fox News didn't get the memo on that little nuance of debate.  Each of the Fox all stars seemed more interested in sniping the candidates and sarcasm; than they were at obtaining genuine position statements from the candidates concerning their positions on the issues that concern American voters.

When the Fox debate panel came after Donald Trump (once again) on his previously widely publicized and equally widely criticized illegal immigration comments, Trump rightly responded that they would not even be talking about illegal immigration if it weren't for him have raised the issue and taken exception to it. Trump stood his ground and good for him.  On a side note, Jeb Bush had enough presence of mind to not allow them to put words in his mouth either.

No, Donald Trump is not the most poised or polished political candidate on the landscape and I for one consider that to be one of his strongest assets.  As Trump rightly noted last night as the panel continually attempted to paint him into politically correct corners. Politically correct driven politics and weak and stupid leadership is precisely what has gotten this country into trouble and it has to stop.  The "tone" has to be one of leadership and not one of worry over which malcontent minority segment of the country or the world, is going to be offended by truthfulness and honesty. 

I cannot say whether Donald Trump will be able to sustain his candidacy and survive the collective attacks of media from all corners to garner the GOP nomination, but I do know this.  They won't shut the man up by throwing politically correct allegations at him, or by attempting to twist his words.  No more than Megyn Kelly's failed attempt to visibly demonstrate her disgust for Trump during the debate last night.  Her misogynist allegations and attempts at baiting Trump as some Neanderthal women hater, failed as quickly as a fart in a crowded elevator.  Personally, I have been over Megyn Kelly's cutesy glamour and stylized reporting as a fox babe for quite a while now and her actions last night during the debate;  just reinforced my previous decisions and opinions of her less than admirable talents as either a reporter or as a debate host.

The really bothersome revelations that are beginning to surface this morning for Fox News are two fold. First, while CNN and the rest of leftist media are doing the "libtard electric leg spasm" (of Chris Matthews ilk this morning), the majority of mainstream conservative Americans didn't seem to get the same thrills as Fox News and the rest of the liberal media did last night from the Fox circus. 

As a matter of fact, it appears the Fox News antics during the debate last night only served to piss off a lot of conservative Americans. Secondly, the initial polls of the reactions and over all performance recordings of the candidates during the debate last night?  Seem to reflect that Trump was the winner (once again) by a large margin, followed by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee.  Jeb Bush paled in comparison to the entire panel of candidates in my observation, with the possible exception of Rand Paul, who made a complete ass out of himself. Ben Carson was funny at times, but obviously out of his depth, as was Chris Christie and the other lesser known candidates.

My thinking going into the debate last night was simple.  For Trump to remain a leader of the GOP field, all he needed to do was "not play the other man's game."  I believe he succeeded on that count.  He refused to play the games of Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace or Brett Behr.  Trump came away as the winner of those sparring matches and the Fox News panel came away looking like partisan amateurs, more suited to moderating some leftist chat forum than a nationally televised political debate. 

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