Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The US Army's Continued Separation From Reality. Egalitarianism 101

Apparently the US Army is prepared to graduate two women this week from Army Ranger school. "It will be a first!" "The moment will serve to demonstrate the new Army and the culturally pervasive meme that women can compete with men on any level."

Well of course they can, all you have to do is modify the terms of the contest and women are equally capable competitors.
So........now all we have to do? Is let our enemies know that we are fielding a new team of defenders and thus there will have to be new rules of war. Our enemies will have to modify their intentions to accommodate our new warriors. They will have to play fair and abide by our desires, the same way they have always abided by the Geneva convention.  Surely they will understand. Seeing as how the rest of the world is just one squishy verse of Cumbaya away from accepting  one another as equals anyway.  Right?

Besides......who needs soldiers in our modern strategically digital world of today.  All we should  need now a days, are drones and robots and those capable of manipulating game controllers from a stand off position in a bunker somewhere. The new qualifications for an American soldier will be their X Box credentials and their ability to unquestionably follow the orders of their commanders. Be they women, transsexuals or robots.  

War is going to be so much more fun now and so much more fairly approached by all.

Oh happy day!

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