Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

What happens when the socialist teat is pulled back and 'benefits' are cut or eliminated? Perhaps a look at what is currently happening with our cousins is in order.

Biggest demo to hit London since the Iraq war march as 400,000 join the anti-cuts protest

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:56 PM on 26th March 2011

* Anarchists threaten to 'unleash hell' during march in capital
* Labour leader Ed Miliband to speak at end of the demonstration
* Protesters start lunchtime sit-in along Shaftesbury Avenue
* Hooded anarchists throw paint and set off flares on Oxford Street
The TUC said the number of people in the march to London's Hyde Park had well exceeded their expectations
Hundreds of thousands of protesters have descended on London today in a mass protest being staged against Government cuts in public spending.

The TUC had estimated that around 100,000 union activists and other campaigners would take part in today's demonstration.

But by lunchtime unofficial figures put the numbers at 400,000, as protesters were still joining the march more than an hour after it started.
Protesters cross Waterloo Bridge to join the protest against cuts, in the biggest demonstration to hit London since the Iraq war march  
Watch closely America. As we too have all the makings for our own bubbly pot, so this could easily becoming to a neighborhood near you in the near futures (and it will).

We have at least three generations now living, who were raised in the belief of government support and subsidy. Combined with the unionist mentality of organized socialism. Love or hate capitalism and those who have used their abilities as entrepreneurs to attain wealth. Either way one simple reality remains. In the absence of wealth exists only one thing, poverty. And the redistribution of wealth doesn't settle or balance the equation as the social engineers and the anarchists would have others believe.

What is happening in the UK and has already been stirring across Europe, is already here in America. It began when the governor of Wisconsin sought to eliminate unions ability to continue to strip the public treasury to the bone.

In the end, these clashes always end in violence, civil war and revolution. Thus is our future IMO. If we were to even begin to get a grip on our runaway budgets, it would cause austerity measures that will immediately invoke what we are seeing in the UK and elsewhere.

Those suckled on the public teat are not easily shaken loose from their benefits. Not at least until the body is dead and their is nothing left to suckle.

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