Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Social networks

Social networking. The new tool of democracy, freedom militancy and oppression? Not so fast.

Social networks and the internet are definitely a two edged sword that cuts both ways. Used properly, in theory they can lead to peaceful protests and the establishment of democracies and freedoms in nations where those two quantitatives have been denied. Used improperly, they can be used to establish theocracies and the oppressive rule of militant regimes and the death of millions.

Which of those is occurring presently in the middle east is a subject of much debate.

We have already seen Tunisia and Lebanon and Egypt fall. Libya is in chaos and civil war. Nations as large as Saudi Arabia and as small as Bahrain are now feeling the pressure of civil unrest. While Kings and rulers attempt to staunch the bleeding and placate the masses, there is an underlying ground swell of support rising for Sharia controlled governments to replace the existing monarchies and regimes.

Don't be fooled, those rioting in Libya and Bahrain and Oman and beginning to grumble in Saudi Arabia, are not seeking free wheeling democracy. They are seeking a return to religious controls across the board and an absolute adherence to the Koran. And once these Muslim nations have coalesced into a larger Arab confederation of states in the middle east and Africa? Then all hell will truly break loos in the world.

Think about that as you contemplate the price of your tank of gas today and what that means for your future.

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