Tuesday, March 08, 2011

To be or not to be

Shakespeare's famous dilemma? Not quite. Just Barack Obama trying to figure out what to do once again.

Nearly three weeks after Libya erupted in what may now turn into a protracted civil war, the politics of military intervention to speed the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi grow more complicated by the day -- for both the White House and Republican

President Barack Obama, appearing Monday morning with Australia's prime minister, tried to raise the pressure on Gadhafi further by talking about "a range of potential options, including potential military options" against the embattled Libyan leader.
Despite Obama's statement, interviews with military officials and other administration officials describe a number of risks, some tactical and others political, to U.S. intervention in Libya.
 Remember 2008? Back when the question was rightly being asked, what about those 3 AM phones calls? What about when world crisis occurs?  Will this community organizer with absolutely no experience be able to handle it? Well, I guess we know the answer to those questions now.

Simply stated, Barack Obama ought to go to bed every night and thank his luck stars (as we now know for sure that he isn't a Christian) that there are people like Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber in the world. And of course, a complicit media more interested in tabloid buffoonery, than actually concerning themselves with meaningful news reports.

Will America commit to military intervention in Libya? Not as long as we have Barack Obama as president and the likes of a Charlie Sheen driven media to run interference for him. And besides, in all fairness? Isn't it about time that Europe got their hands dirty?

I say let them handle it, or else let the problem handle itself. Either way, America doesn't have the time, financial stability, leadership or capability to intervene in Libya or anywhere else in the world right now. We are too busy being driven off the cliff by an administration that is completely lost and out of touch with reality.

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