Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a difference a week makes

It's ironic in a way. We began our facebook page seven days ago and since then, we have almost reached 1000 members. In less than a week. In my opinion, that demonstrates the care and concern that exists for seeing the right thing done by Frank Buckles. Perhaps if we'd of had more time.

As it stands, it appears that the battle has been lost on honoring Frank Buckles in the Capitol rotunda, but we can certainly find other ways to extend honor to him.

In respect for Frank's family, I am suspending commentaries on our facebook page, other than those of appreciation for Frank Buckles service and contributions to this country, until after his services on March 15th.

However, after that, my wife and I plan to move in a new direction and we intend to be part of the efforts joining with others seeking to see Frank's last wish realized. Stay tuned folks. The big gal hasn't even begun her last number yet! And it ain't over until we see to it that people in Washington do the right thing.

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