Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Oh, what a void there is in things."

While America has been completely consumed in the ongoing life and affairs of Charlie Sheen for the past two weeks and while president Obama was entertaining the media with his wit as it concerns his flippant attitudes towards those who remain concerned about the origins of his true birth place, the world has continued to turn.

News Flash! Back home in the real world, in the middle east in general and in Libya specifically, all is not well. Libya is slipping into a genocidal war between Gaddafi and his supporters and the fundamentalist elements of militant Islam that are literally sweeping the middle east like a prairie fire.

Crude oil prices are soaring and the general state of affairs globally is worsening by the day. From the price of energy, to the shortages of food and grain, to world economies teetering on the edge of collapse. News reports are now pointing to Saudi Arabia as the next global flash point, while simultaneously pointing out that nothing has been settled in Egypt since the ouster of Mubarek.

In essence, the entire world is in turmoil and flux, from civil unrest in numerous countries, to imploding economies all across Europe and when the people look around for leadership globally, there is none currently present on the world stage. Therefore, those unaccustomed to occupying the stage of world leadership are being forced by circumstance to step forward and assume some semblance of leadership in a world of ever increasing chaos.

As it concerns oil alone, there are two catastrophic realities converging. Either the complete stoppage of the global oil supply directly, or at the least a global shortage of oil created by further unrest and turmoil in Egypt and the Suez Canal.

In the absence of global leadership on these and other issues, voids are created and those who fill these voids may or may not have influence to impact those issues and they may or may not act in the best interest of the global community at large if they do. In the past, America has always filled that position of influence on the world stage. At least as far as the last one hundred years are concerned. But America has now relinquished that position and the world knows it.

As a nation, we relinquished our global position of leadership by our acts, deeds, lack of commitment to global leadership and the direct actions of our current president, who seemingly is more interested in seeing America fail than attempting to maintain the ongoing continuity of the balance of power in the world. The present political forces that occupy the decision making seats in Washington have lost the script. They have traded common sense and sane reason for their belief in the false gods of multiculturalism and some twisted Kumbaya belief in egalitarian existentialism.

Presently, those like Cameron in the UK and Sarkozy in France are making headlines by attempting to address the global concerns of the world and Europe. But in the absence of the means to back up their calls for those in the middles east to abide by reason, these public pleas by Cameron and Sarkozy and others are no more than empty bellowing by powers incapable of stopping or controlling present world events.

Meanwhile, the implosion of American prominence and the erosion of our alliances with Europe and Israel are not going unnoticed by the Russians or the Chinese. Presently, in a last man standing scenario of global implosion and conflict, they are each far better positioned to weather the conflagration than the United States is.

For those interested in understanding what is happening to America and the world and why, I challenge you to obtain a copy of the recently released book "The Roots of Obama's Rage." (by Dinesh D'Souza) The answers to these questions are  in the book. The bottom line, Barack Obama has set into motion the mechanisms to fulfill his dreams of destroying all remnants of the imperialist influences of colonialism in the world. And to that end, he is fundamentally changing America, just as he promised he would. Just as he envisioned it from the perspective of his father who first envisioned the utter collapse of the west more than fifty years ago.

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