Monday, March 07, 2011

Want to know how Washington works?

Try contacting an elected official with a matter of any urgency. Or just try contacting them about the mundane. In either event, at the most you will get an automated response in the form of an automated email.

The (fill in the blank) has received your correspondence and appreciates constituents contacting him/her with their concerns. Then if you are really lucky? You will receive a form letter with an automated signature (about six weeks later), outlining the official position of your senator or representative and all that they are doing to impress you with how forthright they are in avoiding the original question that you asked them.

Or, you may just get the simple version in the form of another automated email response that simply thanks you for your concerns and advises you that they are working on it. But let a lobbyist pick up the phone and wave a few freebies under the nose of that same senator or representative?

And they will be doing cart wheels down the isles of the house or senate chambers and scheduling press conferences to insure that the 'people' see them tackling the problems and concerns of the nation.

Since Friday last, I have sent numerous emails and Fax's to a number of elected officials in Washington, concerning the disheartening manner in which they have turned their back on America's last Dough Boy Frank Buckles.

And as of yet? I have received one automated response from one of my two senators. I am looking forward to their explanation letters that always tend to arrive a month to six weeks later after I have contacted them with a concern.  I can hardly wait to read how they intend to explain and justify America's last WWI veteran, being shelved and pushed to the side of honor, while the majority of the media remained focused on the antics of Charlie Sheen and they dodged and ducted any appearance of leadership on any issue in Washington this week.

A pitiful epitaph for American media and our elected officials if you ask me. And I fully intend to oppose as many of them as possible, regardless of party affiliation come the 2012 elections. I wish there was a mechanism for simply firing the entire lot of them and starting again from scratch.

Just my thoughts for this evening.......I have a long memory and the time to keep it stoked with the memories of their trespasses against the American people.

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