Saturday, January 01, 2011

Headline: Napolitano Meets With Karzai, Talks About Ways to Intercept IED Chemicals

OK, so is it just me? Or is there something seriously wrong with that headline? The last time I checked, Ms. Napolitano is the secretary of "homeland security." So someone please explain to me, precisely what this woman is doing in Afghanistan, talking to the president of that country about border security?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano spoke with officials Saturday about ways to stop terrorists from transporting bomb-making chemicals across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border during a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and other members of his administration.

Napolitano's agency has about two dozen customs and border officials in the war-torn country, with more on the way, many training Afghan forces. The nation's emerging security force is tasked with patrolling a porous border with Pakistan where Taliban fighters and Islamic extremists cross freely, along with opium and materials used to manufacture improvised-explosive devices.

Napolitano, who landed in Afghanistan on New Year's Eve on an unannounced visit, talked about how the two countries could work together to better intercept this trafficking during the meeting with Karzai and Finance Minister Omar Zakhiwal on Saturday. She said in a written statement that civilian officials in her department have made "significant progress" in working with Afghan officers toward disrupting Al Qaeda operations along the border.

So there you have it. The American border with Mexico leaks like a sieve and God only knows what individuals and weapons are being smuggled across it daily and yet our secretary of homeland security? She is off to Afghanistan on a surprise visit to share her thoughts and apparently her expertise with the bipolar president of Afghanistan on IED's and border security.

Hello! I thought that we had a secretary of state for those types of conversations. Or maybe our commanding general in the area. (Petreaus) Obviously I have missed something. I must have missed something alright, as apparently Big Sis has done such a bang up job of our border security? That she is now being called upon by the president as a global resource on the topic of border security. (laughable!)

The word 'Bass-akwards' leaps to my mind when I see things like this. I am sure that there is some bizarre justification for this absurdity. As I am equally sure that the American main stream media will just yawn and continue their holiday break while idiocy like this soars in this administration.

Other headlines today summon up the thoughts of a new crisis for our president as the Ivory Coast slips into civil war. I say don't worry about it, just send Napolitano in to settle the dispute. Apparently this is a multi-talented woman, so aside from border security issues and expertise in the intricacies of IED's? She surely must be one savvy duck when it comes to the inner strife of third world African countries and civil wars.

If I were Hillary Clinton? I'd be looking for either an Asp, a poison pill or an exit door from this fun house of mirrors that they call the Obama administration.

Unbelievable, or as a dear friend of mine use to often say. "Stranger than fiction, but with far worse consequences."

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XtnYoda said...

She's teaching them about securing their borders?

When's she going to secure ours?

Sending someone like her over there will only perpetuate their ideas about forcing women to wear burquas.... come to think of it... for some like her... might not be a bad idea.