Thursday, January 13, 2011

Someone's lying, I wonder who it is.....

Either the FBI is trying to bolster and create a federal prosecution that does not exist in fact and should not proceed, or the president has further demonstrated his ineptitude by speaking about something else that he has absolutely idea about.

Either way, someone is lying. The FBI is either lying about the judge's intent or the president is lying about his familiarity with why the judge was there last Saturday.

"Judge Roll was recommended for the federal bench by John McCain 20 years ago, appointed by President George H.W. Bush, and rose to become Arizona's chief federal judge," Obama told the crowd at the University of Arizona. Roll's "colleagues described him as the hardest-working judge within the Ninth Circuit. He was on his way back from attending mass, as he did every day, when he decided to stop by and say, 'Hi,' to his representative."

In the complaint supporting Loughner's arrest, federal prosecutors argue that Roll wasn't simply seeking to pay a social call on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) when he showed up at the community outreach event where the shooting spree took place Saturday. Prosecutors and the FBI insist that Roll "was engaged in official duties" because he wanted to talk to Giffords and her staffers about problems with a surging caseload in federal courts in Arizona, particularly along the Mexican border.

My guess is that the FBI is trying to bolster their case so that there can be a federal prosecution. Why would a federal judge try to catch a sitting congress woman at a town hall type gathering on a Saturday, to discuss anything related to his judiciary problems?

I say, he would have simply picked up the phone and made an office appointment or a lunch date.

Therefore, Obama gets the pass on this one IMO.


On the Mark said...

If the FBI is trying to bolster its case, I would expect Obama to be aware of it at the very least.

Locutisprime said...

Me thinks you give the man far more credit than he deserves.

The FBI wouldn't tell him or anyone else that they were in essence fabricating the intent of the judge, in order to secure a federal prosecution.

And on comparison? I have to say that as much as I distrust Obama, I distrust the FBI more.

On the Mark said...

Credit? I don't think so. Now, I may be missing something, but I just assume that if the FBI is up to no good, it may well have been Obama's idea.

I don't know if this is revealing, but I remember hearing that Obama told AZ governor Brewer that he would investigate the incident to the fullest or something like that. And we all know how eager he and his ilk are to meddle, especially when photo ops may be involved. But I immediately wondered if it were even a federal matter.

I'm only speculating, but I wonder if he put the FBI up to trying to justify federal jurisdiction. I have no idea really. I just expect that sort of thing from him.

Locutisprime said...

I have background knowledge and experience dealing with the FBI.

You don't have to put them up to anything, they will do some pretty shady things given the least opportunity.

No, Obama has had no influence in it IMO. They immediately seized the opportunity to seek federal jurisdiction and to do that, they know that they have to make the evidence fit the statute.

Like I said, It's a bit beyond belief that a sitting senior federal judge would be trying to catch a congresswoman on the fly on a Saturday to conduct business.