Monday, January 28, 2013

11 Million criminals to be come legal

If you are  a criminal in America bent on getting away with the crime? All you have to do is wait them out. Eleven million criminals, (I mean undocumented workers) are about to get their wish to become full fledged Americans, entitled to all the handouts and all the benefits and all the programs.

Compliments of a 'bipartisan' agreement. which means the conservatives in Washington have caved and decided they can no longer fight the battle. This literally makes me sick. Our over burdened system is literally about to be completely swamped and amidst handshakes and photo ops, these sorry bastards that we have allowed to represent us are happy as larks.

Bipartisan group of 8 senators reaches deal on immigration changes

A bipartisan group of eight senators plans to announce they have agreed on a set of principles for comprehensive immigration reform.
The deal, which will be announced at a news conference Monday afternoon, covers border security, guest workers and employer verification, as well as a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in this country.
The eight senators expected to endorse the new principles are Democrats Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona.
According to documents released early Monday, the senators will call for accomplishing four main goals:
--Creating a path to citizenship for the estimated illegal immigrants already in the U.S., contingent upon securing the border and better tracking of people here on visas.
--Reforming the legal immigration system, including awarding green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology or engineering from an American university.
--Creating an effective employment verification system to ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants.
--Allowing more low-skill workers into the country and allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they couldn't recruit a U.S. citizen; and establishing an agricultural worker program.

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