Friday, January 25, 2013

The writing on the wall


For whatever reason/s, Saxby Chambliss' decision to not seek reelection is a decision made not in a void and not absent the realities that the citizens of Georgia  displeasure with his representation, has weighed heavily and set the stage for a substantial primary challenge in the coming season.

While Chambliss has not been a full blown RINO, his actions and inaction while in the senate have certainly placed him in the 'do nothing' camp of supposed conservatives who talk a good game but actually never do anything substantial to support their positions or contentions of being republicans.

Based upon Georgia's changing demographics, the republicans may very well lose this seat in the senate next season, however, Chambliss' presence there has not been a source of comfort for conservatives in Georgia for quite a while. Personally, I would rather battle the enemy I can see. The one standing right in front of me, than have to shadow box with someone that tells me they are on my side and yet never performs to the expectations of the voters or their campaign promises.

Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss said Friday he will not seek a third term next year, expressing deep frustration with Washington gridlock that he doesn't see changing in a divided government.
Chambliss, 69, rejected suggestions he couldn't have survived a likely GOP primary fight with the tea party, insisting he has a proud conservative record and noting he received more votes than any other statewide official in Georgia history in 2008.
Instead, he cited his frustration with both Democratic President Barack Obama and the lack of meaningful legislation in Congress.
"The debt-ceiling debacle of 2011 and the recent fiscal-cliff vote showed Congress at its worst, and sadly, I don't see the legislative gridlock and partisan posturing improving anytime soon," Chambliss said. "For our nation to be strong, for our country to prosper, we cannot continue to play politics with the American economy.
His strong words of disappointment echoed those of former Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, who also complained about the partisan divide and Washington dysfunction in announcing she wouldn't run again last year.

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