Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the states are more powerful than the federal government

 It is a shame that more of our state elected officials do not recognize or realize their own power of local control over the lives of citizens in their own states and their legal ability to refuse federal mandates. The federal government was never meant to have power that superseded local government. That is why the constitution is specific in enumerating all the granted powers of the federal government while also identifying the limited powers that the federal government does not have. 

 The constitution then specifically states, that all powers not enumerated, are reserved to the sates and "the people."

 Barack Obama is on the eve of attempting to subvert the US Constitution and apparently once again his actions will be reported and propelled forward via the complicit mainstream media.  The office of the president and this president have no constitutional authority to subvert or disregard the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

 As a matter of fact, this president like all others before him, swore an oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution. Therefore, if he attempts to enforce presidential caveats in the form of presidential directives or decrees, he immediately places himself in violation of the constitution and his oath and he should immediately be subjected to impeachment and removal from office.

As I wrote on Jan. 11, Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman has made it clear that gun laws which violate the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution will not be enforced in his county. 

On Jan. 12, he followed this up with a press conference in which he explained that a Sheriff's powers are predominant over the powers of federal and state agents. When he says these things he drives gun-grabbers batty because he says them with the conviction that rests on knowledge, and he has no intention of backing down.
During the press conference, he took time to explain his powers as sheriff:
I am responsible for the people inside this county. I am the highest elected official in this county, and this is the only opportunity the people have to speak for themselves and say 'this is what we want.'
I can ask federal people to leave, they have to leave. I can ask state people to leave, they have to leave. ...[And] it doesn't matter what [new laws] Obama passes, the sheriff has more power than the federal people.
He said that if federal gun-grabbers don't understand this, then "they need to go back and study it," because Kentucky "is a commonwealth."
Peyman says he has been approached by liberals within the gun-grabbing world since he made his original promise of no gun control in his county, and he told them plainly: "You are never going to pull guns out of Jackson County."
Sheriff Denny Peyman represents everything good and brave about America, and about the great state of Kentucky. He is a patriot, first class.

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