Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The view from the pit looks like America avoided the fiscal cliff after the house passed the bill to assure our doom and destruction late last night. The last ditch efforts by congress to give this president what he was blackmailing them for has succeeded. $41 in new federal spending for every $1 cut from the budget. That sounds like one helluva deal to me, what about you.

The republicans in congress caved and Obama and the leftist socialist who now have complete control of this country are laughing their asses off at the dumb masses who have allowed this to happen.

Make no mistake America, you avoided nothing. You didn't avoid the fiscal cliff, if anything you hit the gas and accelerated the path to your own destruction by sitting on your hands and doing nothing. The cliff is just the launching pad America, it is the pit of economic collapse and fiscal damnation that looms before you and your children now. Enjoy the ride.

When the end comes and it will, remember as you scratch and scrape to try and feed yourselves, precisely how all of this came about. Remember all the glowing lies and buttered half truths that you willingly swallowed for the sake of continuing your own little world, supposedly at the expense of someone else.

Ah yes America, those evil rich people are about to get their comeuppance and they will pay dearly and so will you.  For you see folks, in the absence of the rich (evil and otherwise) , all that is left are the peons and the ruling elite and trust me, you will not be a member of the ruling elite. You will be but one more cog in the never ending pleasure of egalitarian fairness and Nirvana. That is after all what the majority seems to have wanted and that is what your president is going to see provided.

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