Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Difference Does It Make?

Really? Please tell me that after months of dodging this appearance before the Senate foreign affairs committee investigating the Bengazi TERRORIST ATTACKS! That Hillary Clinton brought more to the committee than her flippant attitude and her adversarial assertions of "what difference does it make" when questioned about the importance of the facts involving this investigation.

It makes a helluva lot of difference madam secretary. Four Americans are dead and they are dead because of failures of this administration and failures of the US State Department that you were charged with overseeing. Yes madam secretary, it makes a helluva lot of difference and you are equally culpable.

The same as it is equally important to recognize precisely what motivated and precipitated these attacks, as opposed to flippantly asserting that it makes no difference and we should not concern ourselves with why it happened and simply focus on those responsible. What unbelievably irresponsible responses in the face of the gravity of these attacks.

Try giving that response to the families of the survivors madam secretary. Tell them that it doesn't make any difference why their loved ones died. Madam secretary? Please....take your faux emotions and your adversarial and combative responses and park them where the sun don't shine, as I and millions of other Americans want answers. We want the truth. We want to know of the culpability and the responsibility and we will know. We already know, but getting those responsible to admit their guilt is the problem isn't it madam secretary.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Leon Panetta and that entire corrupt and infinitely incapable cabinet and administration are responsible for the deaths of those brave Americans. America knows it and you damn well know it too.

This woman sickens me as does her boss. She is a prostitute to egalitarian secular humanistic socialism just like the rest and she does not give a damn about those who die or those who remain in harm's way while serving this nation.

Hillary Clinton should be tarred and feathered with the rest of these interloping Fabian socialist who occupy our capitol and our government. Traitors one and all.

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Texan in Wisconsin said...

Amen, brother. Just like the CO of the USS Guardian will have the ejection handles pulled for him, Hillary should be jettisoned with all of the other flotsam and jetsam. When you're in charge, it's your baby. And you get praise when it goes well, and the boot when you or your people screw the pooch. Don't like it? Don't accept command.

More narcissism on display. Man oh man...I thought BHO was bad. Seems like Hillary is channeling Bill.

I can't wait for Kerry and Hagel.

-- Texan in Wisconsin

PS. I feel for the CO of the USS Guardian...I have been in the mapping business for 25 years, and if he got a bad map, then what? Should he have had paper backup and lookouts posted? Seems quaint, yet it might have saved his career.