Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Obama Lincoln factor

It looks to me (and to a lot of other people) as if there is an overwhelming desire to correlate and transpose the images of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Not just in some idealized romanticized physical fashion, but rather in the truest sense of comparison of ideologies and philosophies.  It also looks to me as if there is a desired intent to draw parallels and similarities between the two men, as if by some cosmic design, Barack Obama has in fact become the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

None of these comparisons are by chance and none are intended as simple parodies of life. There is a direct intent that correlates to a propagandized mission to cause these comparisons and the belief by the American people that the two men are one in the same. It was one thing for casual comparisons to be made between the significance of America's first black president and the Lincoln presidency, but it is something entirely different when forces in media and entertainment put forth and make the repeated assertions of comparison that the two men are literally identical in philosophy and ideology, separated only by time.

It is not by chance that there is presently an academy award nominated film about Abraham Lincoln in theaters. No more than it is a coincidence that Barack Obama intends to be sworn in for his second term on Lincoln's birthday February 12th, while utilizing the Lincoln bible.

No, this is neither unintentional or simply irony. These acts are premeditated and planned to follow and mimic a predisposed desire by this administration and its unseen supporters, to cast Barack Obama in the same light as Abraham Lincoln. For the good of the nation.

Lincoln has been seen as both the great divider and the great uniter by history. Lincoln was the president who tore this nation asunder through unconstitutional policy and civil war. Lincoln was the president who oversaw the destruction of all opposition to his policies and he was the president who suspended the constitution and American civil liberties and freedom of the press for four years in order to insure that his path was unobstructed in his conquest of absolute power.

In my observation, Barack Obama sees himself in the exact same light as Lincoln. He views himself and his actions with the same indignation toward those who have faith in their religion and the constitution that protects their rights as did Lincoln. Therefore, Obama will act in a similar fashion when he believes that he can justify governing by fiat and presidential decree to attack and eliminate all rights and civil liberties in conflict with his egalitarian Fabian socialist design.

What we are presently witnessing doesn't just involve the attack on our constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion or the right to bear arms, but it also involves the denial of our most basic rights to assemble or engage in any action that this administration perceives as threatening to its own purposes once the assertions of presidential decree are thrust upon a willing population of the dumb masses.

No, none of this is by chance and none of this is simple parody. These actions are intentional and by intelligent design and their purposes are being constructed in the darkness for the day when absolute assertions will be made to the American people as it concerns their rights as Americans and this president's right to supersede those rights and rule as an absolute tyrant.

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