Monday, January 07, 2013

Tax Reform

I love how democrats change the verbiage of something and come out with an entirely new spin on the reality.  The democrats are looking to increase taxes by a trillion dollars and this on their proven inability to either cut the budget or stop increasing it.

But rather than call it tax increases? They are calling for "tax reform."

I agree, I think we could use a little tax reform come to think of it. and we can start by cutting the salaries and operating budgets of congress and the white house. then we can eliminate all foreign aid to other countries. Afterwards perhaps? We could reform our entitlement programs so that only those truly entitled to social security and medicare would receive it.

Yes!  Hear! Here! for some true reform!

And meanwhile, do not allow these money grubbing socialist thieves to have another penny of our money. 

Democrats say they want to raise as much as $1 trillion in new revenues through tax reform later this year to balance Republican demands to slash mandatory spending.
Democratic leaders have had little time to craft a new position for their party since passing a tax deal Tuesday that will raise $620 billion in revenue over the next 10 years.

The emerging consensus, however, is that the next installment of deficit reduction should reach $2 trillion and about half of it should come from higher taxes.This sets up tax reform as one of the biggest fights of the 113th Congress, which began on Thursday.
Republicans say tax reform should be revenue-neutral. Additional revenues collected by eliminating or curbing tax breaks and deductions should be used to lower rates.

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