Sunday, September 13, 2009

We The People

If you build it will they come? Apparently not. Apparently that old adage only works with fantasy stories of baseball, because it certainly doesn't work with American media.

Although there seems to have been a time when it did work. There seems to have been a time when words similar to those were inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration

The British media saw what was going on this weekend in Washington, but not the American media. The American media has ignored it. As they have continued to do since the tea party movement and the awakening of the people first began back in April.

I have spent the last two days scanning American news sites and with the exception of the Drudge Report and Fox News, the mainstream media in America seems to have completely missed a million Americans who came to Washington to have their voices heard and to send a message to their president and their elected representatives.

I wonder what happened? Not enough pre-event media? Did someone forget to hire a national public relations firm to get the word out? Should they have offered prizes for the media to attend one of the largest assemblages of "we the people" in the history of this nation?

Or was it simply the wrong cause and the wrong political philosophies that kept the media away in droves?

I tend to think and believe that what was missing in media this weekend in Washington, were those committed to the principles and rights that were given to protect this nation as a people one and all. And IMO, the rights of the people were abridged this weekend in Washington. And it was the media that abridged them.

One million Americans, sincerely concerned with the loss of their personal freedoms and the threats to their futures and the threats to the future of their country and the fact that their elected representatives in Washington are not listening to them? And the fact that their elected representatives are spending them into oblivion?
Those concerns seem to have been an invalid cause of either news or of interest to the present cadre of American media.

Many across this country have long ago seized upon the necessary cure for the malaise and partisan liberal treachery that now permeates the halls of our congress and senate. And they are all too aware of the sorely needed cure.

"Throw the bums out!" That's the cure. That is the only cure IMO.

That is what needs to happen. That is what should happen. Problem is, we have at least another year before the sorely needed elections to accomplish that reality will come to pass. And a lot can happen and go wrong in a year's time. I tend to think that those who came to Washington this weekend know that as does a complicit media.

Meanwhile, the American people are sending a message to these rogues and socialist anarchist that are attempting to ram these liberal socialist ideologies down our throats in Washington. And that message from the heartland and the people is NO!

NO! we don't want your health care reform! No! We don't want your cap and trade! No! we don't want your deficit spending. And No! We Can't Afford it!

The media that appears drunk on it's own power and press clippings, and these myrmidons of Obama's socialist change are ignoring the people and forging ahead as if there is no one in opposition to what they are doing and no one capable of stopping them.

We as Americans not only need to throw these bums in Washington out, but we also need to throw out these bums in media. And we have a lot faster and more effect means of accomplishing that IMO. Simply don't patronize their outlets and refuse to patronize their sponsors.

If American businesses and corporate interests want to continue sponsoring the manufacturing of the silk ropes that will ultimately be used to strangle the life blood out of their businesses and their country? There is only one thing that the American people can do in response.

Refuse to allow these traitors to this country to flourish on our dollars. We must refuse to continue to finance and enrich them.

If those we have elected and sent to Washington are refusing to listen to the people and the media is refusing to acknowledge our presence by the throngs on the mall in Washington this weekend? Then we need to begin immediately and we need to attack them where they live. We need to attack their corporate dollars. We need to use the one weapon that they understand. (the almighty and weakening dollar).

We may have to wait a year before we can vote and get rid of those in Washington who have refused to listen to the people, but we don't have to wait another minute for our voices or our money to be heard in the corporate board rooms of media and at the cash registers that finance them across America.

Some may say that boycotting those who support this liberal media lunacy is futile and won't work. I say on the contrary. If millions of people can cut and collect coupons and count calories and read labels each week to determine which foods and other products are best for their pocketbooks and their health? Then those same people can be brought together (and more) to get involved and examine and determine who is involved and idestroying this nation for the almighty dollar.

If millions of Americans can be brought together to attack a disease such as breast cancer through awareness? Then we can certainly come together to attack the disease of socialism that is killing this nation through a similar effort of awareness and teamwork.

The power to accomplish much still resides in the hands of the people as it always has. But the people must know and recognize that they possess that power before it becomes effective and a force to be reckoned with. Someone was charged with the responsibility of informing the people and bringing them together as a democratic force for the benefit of their own better interests and their better interests as a nation. And that someone was the press.

The founding fathers recognized that necessity and they entrusted the responsibility of bringing truth to the people into the hands of the press. That is why that the right and power of the press was one of the first rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights by the founding fathers.

"Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech or of the press. Or the right of the people to peaceably assemble?"

Does anyone truly remember these core rights and values? Or the responsibilities as they were literally carved in fire and blood on the soul of this nation when it was created?

The American media (the press) was given one of the most important rights and responsibilities by the creators of this nation. They were given the right and responsibility to tell the truth to the American people and to insure that this nation and it's freedoms would never be usurped by the dark and sinister forces that would see our freedoms taken away or torn asunder by the forces of evil.

But now it is that very media that has joined with the usurpers and those who will willingly hand this nation, it's people and our freedoms over to those who will gladly see us perish. Our fore bearers saw the dangers. They lived them. They sacrificed their blood in order to temper the steel that would become this nation. And now as we stand in the first decade of a new century, the very ones entrusted with the power and responsibility of protecting our freedoms, are using their power to propagate lies and policies that will ultimately lead to the destruction of this nation.

The American media by and large has become nothing more than propagandist for the current administration. And they are openly and blatantly turning their backs on both the people and their responsibilities to the people.

Don't let them get away with it America. Stand up! Be heard! Shout it from the mountain tops! We are not going to be silenced. We are not going to go quietly into the night of darkness, to be spoon fed our thoughts and enslaved. We will not trade our freedoms for the promises of evil or the chains of socialist slavery.

The choice is yours America. Stand up and stand up now for what is right and just and for what millions have sacrificed for, or just continue to lay down and become the trodden under and the defeated and the forever conquered.

I for one refuse to be silenced. I refused to be enslaved. I refuse to be co-opted or told that my freedoms are based upon lies and the falsehoods of socialist relativism. Join me. Join in saving yourselves. Participate and demand that your media and elected officials tell the truth and demand that they recognize the rights of the people.

Join me in turning your back on those who finance the treachery and treason to the American people that is rampant in American media today. It is our money and we had better decide and decide quickly on who will be enriched by our financial support.

They will listen America, provided you speak in unison and swing a big stick.


Shane Gros said...

Awesome post. I too sat Saturday afternoon and scanned through the evening news programs of the MSM. Only NBC came close to honesty when it described the protest as "massive." Everywhere else simply stated "thousands." had the laughable tagline, "fiscal conservatives protest."

Locutisprime said...

Thank you. there are times when I wonder if I am the only person seeing these connections.

Thanks for the feedback

Fellow American said...

Incredibly well said Locutisprime! I also spent too much time over the weekend trying to find some coverage on the MASSIVE rally on the Capitol. I am outraged at the obvious LACK of coverage ~ BLATANT CENSORSHIP is what I found along w/ a few snippets about this GREAT SHOW OF AMERICAN PATRIOTISM! For those who missed it, CSPAN will show it again tonite @ 5pm EST. I encourage all who love liberty & the freedom we hold dear to tune in. WE MUST PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE BEFORE WE LOSE IT! While not there in person, I was in spirit & I believe for each American present, there were many whom they represented. PATRIOTS UNITE~ We CAN take our country back!!

Locutisprime said...

Thank you. We all need to band together and keep the word and the truth flowing

CMD said...

I've NEVER been more proud of my country than I am at this moment. WE HAVE THE POWER!!!

I have realized the liberal fraud for what it is and the blatant attempt to transform this country into a radical left-wing dictatorship (think worse than socialism, think communism and ultimately, slavery.) The unaccountable private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve has EVERYTHING to do with this.

Watch The Obama Deception and see for yourself.

We have to hold these people accountable for the trillions of dollars they've been given by both the current and previous administrations! THIS IS OUR FUTURE AT STAKE!!!

Contact your representatives and tell them to support HR 1207 and S 604, which are the House and Senate versions of Ron Paul's bill to Audit The Federal Reserve. Then we can finally see whose private bank accounts our tax dollars are going to.

This site has links you can follow to contact your Congressperson and URGE THEM to support this bill.


This message brought to you by a Bush bashing Obama voting member of the mob who finally WOKE UP!