Friday, September 11, 2009

The Anniversary and Things Remembered (edited)

Today is the eighth anniversary of the terrorists attacks of 2001. We all remember where we were and what we were doing when the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center sunk in that morning. And later when the Pentagon was hit and the towers came down and the news of Shanksville further numbed our psyche.

I am sure that the media will put together their various remembrance's and video collages and look backs to note the anniversary properly. And they will all attempt their nefarious levels of either abject detachment or pseudo emotional representations in the process.

But what will really be remembered by most Americans today.

I remember the eight years since our world was changed that terrible day. And I remember all that has transpired in the interim and who has been involved. Right down to and including the commentaries of last year. Commentaries that seemed to seek agreement that the remembrance required little more than some passe acknowledgement and that it was becoming blase for most of the enlightened liberal class to even bother with. After all, they were looking forward to the new liberal era of Obama and hope and change.

I also remember those who swore that we would never forget that day.

But now I have to wonder if many Americans haven't already forgotten. I also have to wonder how much longer our bubble of safety will last, before we are once again viciously attacked by murderous Islamic militants.

When I was a boy, there was frequent mention of the Pearl Harbor attack and my parent's generation looked upon that day with reverence and long remembered heartfelt pain. As they also looked upon the subsequent sacrifices made by those who never returned from defending this nation during that war. Theirs was a blood sacrament paid on the alter of freedom in our behalf.

What a difference a couple of generations makes.

Many in my generation (the generation that followed) were demonized and spit upon for having served this nation and for having attempted to defend her freedoms and heritage. While many others who never served went on to join the ranks of anarchist and Marxist and were schooled in the methods and tactics of socialist fifth column warfare against the nation of their birth. And now the product of the last forty odd years of their efforts and teachings has come full circle and is visible for all to see.

We are now reaping our reward as a nation for having raised a generation of moral cowards and those who shirked away from individual responsibility and allegiance to the country of their birth. After all, they have spent a lifetime hating this country and actively engaged in inflicting the wounds that would ultimately lead to what we see now and what we have seen for the past eight years.

Make no mistake, they saw the September 11th attacks of eight years ago just as we did that morning, but they did not mourn the nation's loss as we did. They did not feel the same pain. They may have bowed their heads and given the outward impression that they were being solemn in their reactions to what had occurred and what was unfolding, but secretly and down deep inside they were in personal celebration.

They were pleased with the fact that their country had been attacked for it's supposed arrogance and superiority and abundance and they relished the reality that the great imperialist leader of freedom in the world had been wounded by a vicious terrorist attack on it's people on it's own soil.

These are the same people who have been with us ever since that September day eight years ago and before. They have protested and slandered our troops and our nation, while all the while attempting to wrap themselves in the the flag and it's freedoms that they truly do not know and have never understood and would just as soon destroy.

These people have never served anything or anyone, outside of their own twisted liberal political agendas and ideologies and themselves. They know not what patriotism is, because patriotism is something that to them has always represented some alien concept of arrogance.

Who would have believed eight years ago that we would still be engaged in a war against Muslim militants in Afghanistan. Who would have believed eight years ago that there would be those who would openly question the value of our commitment to our own freedom and future.

Who would have guessed that they these myrmidons of socialist and Marxist angst, would once again challenge this nation to just walk away and allow those who would destroy us to gain another victory.

That's the funny thing about war. Wars are either won or lost but they are never simply walked away from. But that is how our video game generation of cumbaya and their drop out parents see things. That's the way they have always seen them. The generation of Haight Ashbury, Woodstock and the Manson family and peace and love is still with us. And they are still at it.

And their version of vision and leadership?

Just hit the reset button. Or just download the cheat codes and move on people. Just re-spawn another life and have another Coke and a smile. Life is good after all. Isn't it? "Don't Bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me." The sad thing is? That really has become our official version of US diplomacy from this administration. Just send the Secretary of State to Russia with some candy a s s mock up of a reset button and all will be fine after that.

I wonder what Bill Mahr and Jon Stewart and Conan O"Brien will have to say about today and the eighth anniversary. Probably something snappy and obliquely twinged with the back handed humor that has come to represent the twisted sensibilities of today's generation of enlightened liberal Americans and their version of comedy.

It's sad really.

But I will remember.

I will remember that day and those who died.

I will remember those who have died since in the service of this nation and I will remember those who caused their deaths and those who will gladly see more American blood spilled in pursuit of their radical philosophies and socialist agendas.

There are a few things in life that are simple truths IMO.

There are no reset buttons.

There are no do overs.

There is no Nirvana.

There are only consequences.

And those who forget or fail to remember will pay dearly for their folly.

Edited*** to correct some typos and add proper emphasis that was left out when I originally put thoughts to page earlier this morning.

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XtnYoda said...

Very well said.

We have a fight on our hands, and it's here at home, as you explain so well.

I wasn't going to post any other thing today than the tribute video, but you need to be heard by all... and I'm going to do my part, however small.