Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Not Always About Race

Wilson's Outburst 'Based on Racism'

Well the cat is finally out of the bag. Former president Jimmy Carter has finally played the race card. It's been kinda like sitting around the typical Friday night political bridge game hasn't it. Everyone has just been waiting for one of the liberal patriarchs to pitch the race trump car onto the table, in an attempt to end all debate and scrutiny of this president on all levels.

It always seems that the race allegation is the one that finds itself being thrust to the surface, just as soon as the liberal mind senses that it is losing or has lost the debate.

Any time liberal democrats are cornered on any issue? BAM! Someone must be branded a racist or a Nazi. And in the liberal mind? All who are not of a liberal mind set and in absolute agreement with their vision is a racist or a Nazi.

Of course there is racism in America!

Wouldn't it be completely bizarre if there weren't those who are opposed to and despise this president for no other reason than his race? Well certainly it would be bizarre. No different that it is bizarre to attempt to assert and claim that there are no black people in this country who make most if not all of their decisions based upon race. But we don't talk about those do we. And the simple fact remains, neither of these groups are in the majority.

The way the race game is played in America, in particular by the race haters and the race baiters and the race hustlers, is to acknowledge by mass acclaim that white people are always the one and only base group from which racism originates and exists and is perpetuated.

It is both assumed and asserted up front and immediately in all discussions and debates on any subject matter by liberals, that the simple fact and reality is that people of color are incapable of being racist. It's only the white people who can be and are in fact racists. And who better to make that assertion for this president than a former "southern" born president. After all he knows right? He lives in the south.

Can anyone say bull chips!

Are we not tired as a nation of these endless allegations of racism. Unfounded and unsubstantiated other than by an acclamation of mass assertion and drum beating. Isn't that always the way it is? Are Americans both black and white mot bone weary of this endless game of the weak minded and those incapable of defending their position any other way than by screaming racism.

Seriously people, black America needs another device. Black Americans need to throw this crutch in the ditch and they need to begin to stand on their own and in absence of the hustled red herrings that seem to aleays permeate any serious debate in this country.

Jimmy Carter is an anachronism. He is a man of another time who once upon a time made his own rise to prominence hustling these old striped crimson fish. And now he seems motivated only by reminicing about absurdity for the benefit of some vision of legacy that he has kindled in his mind. The first and only US president in history, who has so completely wrecked his one term in office, as to have been obcessed since in creating a new legacy in the aftermath.

Let's face it folks, Jimmy Carter was an aberration born of an era in this country when the people were blinded by their anger over the hyped crimes of the Nixon administration. And it only took one term for Americans to see and understand just how big of a mistake they had made with Jimmy Carter. And it shouldn't take five minutes to see through this facade that he has erected ever since.

It's a different age now. three decades have passed. America has elected their black president. And are they now to be told that this president can never be questioned or held accountable by anyone but especially not by white Americans? For fear of being branded as racists by some old hack the likes of Jimmy Carter?

Please...... It is not only time for black Americans to stand up and throw off the shackles of self serving and hustled racism, but it is also the time for white Americans to stand up and let it be known that the old dog eared brand of racism has no place in the present discussion and they refuse to be saddled with it.

It's not about race or Obama's race. It is about accountability and responsibility in one of the most trying times of our nation's history and the large majority of Americans (black and white) are tired of being purposely distracted by these snake oil race hustlers rattling their sabers and casting ghosts in sheets on the wall.

"It's not always about race!"


Brian Gwatney said...

Well, today is the age when you have no defense for your position you just call the dissenters Nazi's and racits. I guess what you are you think everybody else is. Since they cannot get you to submit to there mode of thinking they will do anything possible to make you submite. Great Article!

Locutisprime said...

It's not just today Brian, it has been that way for quite some time with the liberal left IMO.

It has gotten so bad, that they have named it "Godwin's law."

Specifically, the minute when Nazism is lofted as an allegation in any argument, the argument is demonstrably lost by the accuser. And that is all that many liberals know how to do. Name call.