Thursday, September 17, 2009

Madam Clueless Speaks on Her Fear of Violence

Pelosi: I'm clueless about cash cut-off

I it fair? To think of Madam Speaker as clueless? You bet it is, just have a look at what Madam speaker had to say about ACORN in the linked story above. Then have a look at her latest expressed fear below.

"Rep. Nancy Pelosi worries about Protests violence"

Now.....have a look at another way she looks at protesters and those speaking out with their grievances.

"Pelosi Tells Anti War Protesters I'm a Fan of Disruptor's"

According to that clip? She loves disruptor's, yet in the previous one she is fearful to the point of tears over potential violence. So which is it Madam Speaker? Is it only the violence potentially created by those in opposition that you are fearful of? Or is it that the violence of those in support of the liberal anti American, anti war left that you find acceptable?

This woman is clueless alright. With her crocodile tears and her remembrances of the 1970's when violence was visited upon San Francisco. She must be alluding to and muttering obliquely about the demise of Harvey Milk.

Perhaps she and Sean Penn can draw up a position paper on what they consider acceptable violence and unacceptable violence, in a post modern psycho babbled world of socialist relativism.

This woman literally makes me sick. Every time I see her and have to acknowledge that she is the 3rd most powerful person in our present government in Washington.


Brian Gwatney said...


Great article. I saw the Obama Deception back when it came out. It is an awsome documentry. I have a link to (infowars) on my blog to the site of Mr. Jones who made it. He does a very good job of breaking down the propaganda. Yes I am an infowarior now. I always suppected what this film stated but never had the proof just mere speculation. Eveyone I have shown it to usually has there jaw hit the floor.

Mr. Pelosi said some disturbing things it makes me wonder if there isn't something sinister behinde her acting job if you know what I mean.

I as a Christian have to be open to the truth no matter how much it goes against any pre-conceved notion I have. There is some things I had to swallow (like a hard pill to swallow) but the truth and evidence and being a Christian demands that I put forth that truth.

Look forward to some news on my blog in the near future. I may e-mail it to you first to see what you think. I really don't want to go there becuase it causes such a passionate response. It is not about Jesus or religion.

Keep up the great work and love your posts.


Locutisprime said...

Just let me know Brian and I will be glad to help you in any way that I can with your site.