Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Tale of An "Uppity" Asshole (UPDATED)

White House Green Jobs Adviser: Republicans Are 'Assholes'

His words not mine.

Read it for yourself.

Then listen to it and see it for yourself.


White House Green Jobs Adviser Apologizes for Calling Republicans 'Assholes'

Van Jones, the Obama administration's "green jobs" adviser, apologized Wednesday for calling Republicans "assholes," saying the comments were made before he joined the administration and "were clearly inappropriate."

So there you have it. In essence? He apologized because he subsequently became a Czar, not so much that he misspoke, but that he misspoke before he knew that he would be part of the team.

I love how liberals parse adn then look at everyone else like "what?"


XtnYoda said...

Another great communicator.

At least he didn't flip Hillary off in front of laughing thousands.

Locutisprime said...

This guy is a piece of work. Glenn Beck revealed today? That he is one of the 9/11 conspiracy theory nuts!