Saturday, December 22, 2012

Is Boehner vulnerable?


Is John Boehner vulnerable to lose the speaker of the house position? As a conservative republican, I certainly hope so. I have never had any use for the man. Not when he was the supposed republican counter balance to Nancy Pelosi and her nemesis and certainly not now.

Boehner lost my support before he ever received the gavel of speaker and everything he has been involved in since has demonstrated to me that he is a weak panty waste with absolutely no leadership skills and a less than functional understanding of the politics of Washington and the nation.

When he turned his back on Frank Buckles and refused to honor the last American dough boy, I said fine mr. have shown your true colors. I don't know who will run against him, but who ever it is I support them over him.

Boehner now less popular than Pelosi

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) now ranks as the least-liked congressional leader, with just 31 percent of voters holding a positive opinion of the Republican leader and more than half — 51 percent — saying they view the Ohio congressman unfavorably.
That's the first time in several years that Boehner has slipped below House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in the Rasmussen survey. The Democratic leader held a 37 percent favorability rating in the poll.
The poll was released Friday, just hours after Boehner was unable to rally Republican support behind his "Plan B" proposal, intended to secure additional leverage in "fiscal cliff" negotiations with President Obama. And it comes just a day after President Obama's approval rating in the Gallup daily tracking poll hit 56 percent, the highest mark for the president since October 2009.

Boehner's slipping popularity likely comes from voters' wariness with Republicans as the deadline to reach a debt deal approaches.
In a Pew Research poll released earlier this month, 53 percent said they would blame the GOP if the crisis was not resolved, versus just 27 percent who said they would blame Democrats.
But Boehner has also lost favor with some conservatives after removing four Tea Party freshmen from their preferred committees for breaking with leadership on key votes. That's led to some Republicans suggesting that Boehner could be vulnerable in a vote to retain his gavel next month.
Earlier Friday, Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.) said Friday that she has "every bit of faith" in Boehner despite having failed on the "Plan B" vote.
"He's really trying to do the best he can, under the circumstances, for the American people," Hayworth said on CNN's "Starting Point." "I have great confidence in the Speaker's ability to navigate very, very difficult waters in policy and politics."


Anthony said...

I'm an independent. Looking at it from an objective viewpoint, I think Boehner is vulnerable. Some of the conservative Republican House members are not happy with him. They likely won't vote for someone else (at least in the first round) on Jan. 3. However, they might abstain (vote "present"). If enough of them take this action (I think 18 Republicans will have to do it), then the House will take another vote. At that point, Boehner might choose to step aside, or someone may choose to step in and challenge him (on the second ballot).

As an aside, Boehner made a significant tactical error by introducing "Plan B" without being certain he had enough votes to pass it. That is a rookie mistake that destroyed whatever leverage/credibility he might have had...

Prime said...

America needed more than John Boehner. America deserved more than John Boehner. He lost me with the crying jags and the mr. sensitivity boloney that he tried to portray.

Barack Obama wasn't interested in Boehner getting in touch with his feminine side. He was looking for an adversary to be concerned about and as soon as he saw Boehner, he knew he had no serious opposition or leadership in the house to worry about.