Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where have all the flowers gone......

A new Census Bureau report reveals that about 100,000 more people are leaving California than are coming to the state. Robert Kleinhenz, chief economist at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation says,

"Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing....Where have all the flowers gone, a long long time ago"..... 

As soon as I began reading this report this morning, that old 60's folk tune began a loop in my head. California, the land of the flower children is dying. Two generations past the great societal upheaval of peace and love and the sharing of all communally. Take the way back machine if you like and have a look back in the rear view mirror at what California use to be, then come back to the present and look at it now. Look at what it has become.

 California has in essence been bankrupt since before Swartzenegger left office and now on  the heals of Gerry Brown's tax and eat the rich proposals, those who have the money and the means are leaving the state in droves. My curiosity is just how long will it take for the rich and famous in Beverly hiulls and Brentwood 'et all' to dump their mansions and follow suit , opting for the desert southwest and other states where the burden of supporting the unwashed mass has not reached epic proportions

America is in trouble folks and California is the poster child for the terminal illness of egalitarianism and  socialist policies once they have reached maturity. The same thing is happening in Europe and now it is happening here in America at the state level. As each day passes more and more of the socialist in office in our state governments are realizing that they cannot sustain their consumption of the public treasury and like the good like brain dead believers that they are, their first and only answer is to raise taxes and go after the evil rich. 

Never mind the reality that once the golden geese are all plucked and consumed, we still cannot maintain the runaway train of socialist Nirvana.  

California's Population is Moving Out, Census Report Shows

About 100,000 more people moved away from California in 2011 than relocated to the Golden State, according to the latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau.
The trend can be explained, in part, in monetary terms. Even in an economic boom, the cost of living in California has increased, prompting people to move out, and, in recent years, unemployment in the state has skyrocketed.
So, where are these former Californians going?
The Census Bureau calculates that the most popular destination is Texas (58,992), a state that is luring California companies. That’s followed by Arizona (49,635), Nevada (40,114), Washington (38,421) and Oregon (34,214).
Although in smaller numbers, people are still relocating to the Golden State.

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