Monday, December 17, 2012

Pogo had it right: We have seen the enemy and he is us.....

Are guns the real problem? Since the massacre in Newtown last Friday, there has been an ever increasing drum beat rising once again for gun control. Banning guns outright if given the opportunity is all that will satisfy the rabid left on the matter of guns. They have never liked anyone having guns that they can't control, as in the police and the military and once again a deranged mind has provided them the impetus to push forward with their searing agenda to see all guns banned.

The Brits did it on the heels of the Dunblane massacre and what has it done for them? Well one thing that has admittedly occurred, is that to date there hasn't been another madman attack on a school, but those quick to point that fact are just as quick to brush past the soaring gun violence all over the UK since the ban took effect in 1997. In essence, the ban did nothing to prevent gun violence and in fact increased gun violence. Because those who lawfully possessed guns are no longer capable of protecting themselves. But no one wants to talk about that.

Here's a thought. If you want to address the root cause of evil in America? Stop blaming guns and start blaming media and our school system. Or how about simply outlawing evil? That's right, media and schools are the root cause of gun violence in America, because they are the root cause of evil in America.  Every aspect of media from music to sports, to entertainment to films to comedy? It all wreaks of secular humanist debauchery and evil and it has for more than forty five years. You want to know what the problem with evil in America is? America has made evil a cottage industry. We breed it in media and social media and we cultivate it in our schools from the time our children are little. We have dolled up evil, packaged it as appealing and told our children for three generations that a little bit of sin mixed with adventure never hurt anyone. By the time the beast in Newtown went mad on Friday, he had a lifetime of experience learning how to kill and learning how to blame others for his own failures. He also had a lifetime of experience being told to apologize for all the evils in the world not of his own making. In the final analysis, it looks like he wanted to make some evil on his own and he did.

Forget the bible, forget the golden rule, forget respect for your parents, forget respect for heritage, forget respect for institutions, forget the work ethic, forget individual responsibility, forget the bill of rights and forget the ten commandments and last but not least, forget any mention of God or faith.

Replace them all with the mantra of if it feels good do it and everyone has a 'right to express themselves.'  I guess that right of expression extends to those who having become so frustrated with life and the fact that all is not 'fair' after all, that they are justified in borrowing a bit of evil from time to time to make their lives whole again. I guess some just get a little more carried away with it than others.

We have allowed the past twenty five years of technology to teach our kids how to kill with video games. We have spent the same decades teaching them that debased and vile music lyrics are cool as hell, just as long as the right color of people are reciting them. WE have roared with approval at vile and horrific films of murder and sadism and the worship of evil. right now in America, the number one most popular movie series is about vampires and death and the murdering of people to quench the wander lust of vampires! and people truly want to stand and tel me that the problem with evil in America is access to guns?

We have denied our faith and abandoned our principles to the egalitarian lies of equality, fairness and blind tolerance to all, regardless of how vile or debased, we are supposed to embrace it as a reasonable alternative.  We have allowed ourselves to believe that tolerance of all manner of debased values and belief systems supersedes our own rights to religions independent thought and reasoning.
We have laughed at decency and made a mockery pf any belief in God.

Then something like the Newtown massacre happens and we are told to ignore all that we know are the true reasons for what happened and blame the guns. I have very simple hypothetical. What happens once all the guns are banned and the next sociopath wants to kill dozens or hundreds? Do you think they may be able to find a car or a truck and drive it into and over people and children on a crowded street or at a crowded event until they have accomplished their blood lust?

It wasn't a generation ago when someone demonstrated how easy it was to poison hundreds with the Tylenol poisonings. Has that threat ever been truly resolved? Should we ban Tylenol? It is not the object that causes the death and mayhem, it is the individual and until we as a nation are prepared to address the root causes of why people periodically rise up and commit mass murder, those mass murders will continue. They will continue with whatever means is available to the individual at the time.

So go ahead and think that by banning guns, you will stop gun violence. At one point in American history, we banned alcohol. Look how that turned out. Has anyone suggested that we ban alcohol again? Has anyone taken exception to the thousands killed annually by drunk drivers and suggested that we ban alcohol and cars? No....and they won't. All of those are money making industries.

We as a people cannot legislate our way out of anything other than our own freedoms.

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