Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama & Kerry, birds of a feather

The news today of the nomination of John Kerry as Secretary of State comes as no real surprise. It has been a known fact for weeks that Kerry would get the nod, particularly since Dusan Rice opted to withdraw from consideration.

The only real question then, is what kind of deal are the American people getting with John Kerry and the answer to that is very simple for those who know the man's history. America is getting the foremost 'winter soldier' of all time. The man who once stood before congressional subcommittees and lambasted the American military for it's involvement in Viet Nam as barbarians and murderers. That is who will now hold the number one cabinet post of this nation over foreign policy.

The man who once stood and criticized the then secretary of state Henry Kissinger and the entire Nixon white house, has now come full circle and obtained the ultimate seat of authority short of his failed bid for the presidency eight years ago.

Apparently either few remember or even fewer than those that do remember care about Kerry's checkered past. The man who testified before congress with accusations that he supposedly had witnessed concerning torture and murder has long since been revealed to be a liar and a fake when it comes to his reminiscences of war and American history. Just as the medals that he supposedly earned in Viet Na , then supposedly threw away in disgust and protest, only to reappear on a glass encased plaque in his senate office years later.

Yes, John Kerry is a chameleon and a a charlatan and a liar and a fake. Just the kind of fellow a president such as Barack Obama gravitates towards. Why? Because Obama obviously shares so many similar traits with the man.

Congratulations America, your destruction as a nation is nearing completion. Your president has chosen the heir apparent to the legacy of liberal demons from Viet Nam. The man who accused this nation and his fellow service men as being akin to Ghengis Khan. John Kerry will now control the diplomatic intercourse of America as secretary of state. Of course he will not be given full control over such matters, but rather just enough for Obama to shove his hand up his back side to work his puppet lips for him, but just the same, the chameleon Kerry is now oh so pleased. 

Yes, birds of a feather is a good analogy. 

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