Monday, December 31, 2012

Away we go!

Roller coaster
For those who may be wondering, we are at the top of the roller coaster and about to go down the big hill to oblivion. America is going over the cliff of fiscal collapse, there was never any intention otherwise..  Think about it people, what better way to accomplish the draconian cuts in the military and defense spending than to allow the automatic and dramatic reductions to kick in.

The fact that so many Americans believe this charade to be posturing and party line bias are insane. Both parties know damn well what is about to happen and why, as they know the end result of allowing it to happen. The democrats are driving the bus off the cliff because the republicans never had the balls to. So the republicans will put up token resistance but in the end, everyone gets what they want, including our enemies. Or perhaps? Especially our enemies. Obama told Putin not to worry, that after the election things would be handled.

Well.....they are being handled....
With hours to go, President Obama and Congress barreled toward the New Year's Day “fiscal cliff,” trading last-minute offers and narrowing the range of options Sunday, but reaching no deal.
“There’s still significant distance between the two sides,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, announced Sunday evening, though he said there was still time to reach agreement by Monday’s midnight deadline. “We intend to continue negotiations.”
Talks were so broken at one point Sunday that the top Republican negotiator, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, bypassed Mr. Reid to speak directly with Vice President Joseph R. Biden.
The blockade seemed to lift somewhat when Republicans dropped their demand to change Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment formula, and both sides traded offers on the income level at which taxpayers will see an income-tax rate increase and debated what other incentives would be included.
“You can’t win an argument that has Social Security for seniors versus taxes for the rich. So we need to take it off the table,” Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, said in explaining why the party decided to forgo demands for entitlement reform.

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