Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Dependent Class

Sitting here looking at the news reports this morning I suddenly had an epiphany. As it concerns the purposely created and ongoing class struggle and class warfare that is being perpetrated against America by the Obama administration, there are certain nuances of class that are being ignored.

There are a number of classes that people are aware of, but I wonder, are Americans aware of the other classes. Are they aware of those classes that are never mentioned, but who must be considered as being part of the overall picture.

We are all familiar with the rich and the poor and we are told that somewhere in between lies a 'middle class' who is the majority and the backbone of this nation. But are there other classes that have never been considered as separate and distinct from what we all know and recognize? I say yes there are other classes and as a glaring example of one of those other classes, I tinder the example of the dependent class.'

The "dependent class" is that class of people who are completely dependent on some form of government subsidy in order to survive. From the news reports, we have learned that this dependent class has grown exponentially since Barack Obama took office. There are now more people on food stamps and more people filing for disability claims than in the history of this nation. That does not include the astronomical filings for unemployment or those now qualifying for medicare benefits via the Obama care act.

But are there any other classes that may have escaped our awareness?  Once again I say yes. The government class. The government class has also grown exponentially under Obama's tutelage. The government class are those people who have found their way into the multi layered onion of well paying government jobs compliments of this administration. Government jobs and agencies that didn't exist four years ago are now filling rapidly with those seeking their own form of government subsistence and the pay is on average 40% higher than similar private sector employment. (when it is available).

The IRS alone is looking to take on over 160 thousand new positions as a result of Obama care and their newly granted authority to punish Americans and businesses who fail to comply with Obama care.  Are there other classes or sub classes yet to be revealed in America? I am sure there are. There are those who were the members of ACORN and those seeking to become Obama's equivalent of the Hitler youth. These too will have special privileges above those of the commoners who inhabit that middle band of the supposed middle class.

Meanwhile, the truly poor and their ranks are increasing, as are the ranks of the liberal elite and their Vichy rich. Class upon class and layer upon layer, until one day the real producers and those truly responsible for keeping America afloat are literally inundated and swamped and our entire society collapses.

So maybe you should ask yourself.....'what class are you in and should you be worried?'

I say that if you are not in the liberal lefts graduating classes of 2008 and 2012? Reaping the benefits of the great one and all that he is doing to redistribute the wealth (and the misery)? Then you're damn right you should be worried.  You better be worried, very worried, because the end is nearing for you and yours as you know it. 

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