Monday, December 17, 2012

Visions of things to come

As this week begins, the first few days will be consumed with the funerals for the dead and the ever increasing media analysis of what went wrong and how society failed the beast who committed the horrendous crimes in Newtown Connecticut on Friday.

In some media circles the blame is already being shifted to the killer's mother. It was her obsession with guns and her beliefs that society is on the verge of collapse that spurned forth her son to commit the most unimaginable crimes. But was it really....

The clamoring  of the left and those who will seek a complete ban on all guns is already rising and the language used by the president in his address to the nations is indicative that he intends to put forth some form of restrictive gun control proposal before congress.

Much like the Dunblane school massacre in Scotland in 1996 led to enactment of gun control laws in the UK completely banning ownership of handguns, the same is looming on the horizon here in America on the heels of what happened in Newtown Connecticut. There will be a rising chorus of national voices demanding assault weapons bans and the banning of all handguns and they will all acclaim the government's right to do so for the better good and safety of all.

No one will look at the history that has followed in the UK since they passed their gun ban and confiscation laws. No one will admit that gun violence crimes and assaults with firearms have increased exponentially since the 1997 enactment of those bans in the UK. No one will admit that over half of the British police now carry firearms. In a society that always abhorred the supposed 'cowboy mentality' of American police officers who were armed, the British now secretly assume the same posture and they do so out of survival.

The bottom line, police officers in America don't carry firearms to protect citizens, they carry firearms to protect themselves. The average police response time to a report of assault or serious crime is at a minimum of six minutes. the true average response time is closer to thirteen minutes.

Therefore, as you watch and listen to the arguments that will be put forth once again, as to why you should be forced to surrender your weapons, just remember this. Rights once taken are not easily restored. History will prove that rights once taken are only restored by civil war. The German people had their right to possess arms taken by Adolph Hitler and history records the results of that error. The same as history is presently recording the results of the knee jerk reactions to the Dunblane massacre and the end result of firearms bans in the UK.

Guns don't cause crime and guns don't create sociopaths and attempting to prevent criminals and sociopaths access to weapons by denying law abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms has repeatedly been shown to be a complete failure. It is an old but true cliches, 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'

Consider your rights and what is about to happen if we as a nation of laws allow our most important and most sacred laws and rights to be bartered away on the alter of egalitarian lies and purposeful misrepresentations.

They are getting ready to come for your guns and your rights. This president went on record before he won his first term, concerning his views of 'those who cling to their guns and their bibles.' Well, he is about to come for your guns and if he succeeds, he will soon be coming for your bibles.

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