Thursday, December 13, 2012

Belafonte recommends a dictatorship for Obama

According to Harry Belafonte, the one sure way for Obama to silence his critics is to become a third world dictator and lock them up!

Really? And this man is given a public forum to spew his anti American Marxism to the applause of those like Al Sharpton and his viewers? I suppose the same question could be asked about Sharpton.

Those like Belafonte and Sharpton and Sean Penn and their creed are not Americans. They are leftist adherents to Marxism.They hold no allegiance to anything other than their Marxist hatred of this nation. Their only desire is to see America reduced to a third world spit where they see themselves and their friends are the ruling class and everyone else is just a peon to their Marxist dreams of Nirvana.


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