Monday, December 03, 2012

The most mindless of sports cliches.....

I somehow missed these pearls of wisdom offered up to America last night by Bob Costas during the  Chiefs game. I missed Costas' commentary for a very good reason.

Yes......I missed the insight provided by Bob Costas and his swooning admiration for Jason Whitlock's piece on the Belcher murder Suicide the day before. I missed it because I don't watch the NFL and I haven't in years.

I don't watch the NFL because I long ago tired of the thugs that they call players, being idolized, immortalized and worshiped for their aberrant behaviors and their in your face attitudes toward the public. These people seemed to have long ago forgotten who they are and how they came to be where they are. And the media seems to think that because someone can pass, catch or run a ball, that they are some super human person to be worshiped and idolized regardless of how they conduct your life. 

I don't know this Belcher individual and I would not recognize either his name or his photograph prior to his notorious act. But I will tell you this as it concerns what Bob Costas said last night.

I am aware of at least two other instances where personalities and color commentators have been fired by networks and run out of town for their on air pontifications during NFL games and I quite frankly don't see a dime's worth of difference in what they did and what Costas did last night. His remarks were out of place and insulting. As a matter of fact? Costas' remarks may also have been racist. Particularly if previous standards are applied in the determination of grading racism and Costas' remarks.

One thing is certain. If I still did watch the NFL,  I would not be the least bit interested in Costas or anyone else's blathering about political or social issues during, before or after the game. If they want to do that? Let them hang up their sports creds  and go be reporters or bloggers. Or they can go get a contract for being a paid pundit with some network who will pay them for their arrogance and condescending attitudes.

In the interim, I would hope that sports commentators would stick to doing what they are being paid to do. Which is to give their audience all the many insightful reasons why the viewers should completely discard all common sense and reasoning and worship these Sunday afternoon gods as the supreme beings that they and the media seem to believe them to be.

If Belcher had of been a common man and not a NFL player, no one in media would give a damn about what he did or who he killed. The fact that he was an NFL payer, apparently gives at least some the belief that his status imparts special status to his crime as a furtherance of the anti gun agenda.

Sorry Bob. Sorry NBC, but I ain't buying the manure you people are hustling.

Costas should be fired. End of story.

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