Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Civil war threatened in Michigan

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. speaks of civil war and letting the voters decide. I think that is how the law passing right to work came to pass Mr. Hoffa, the voters of Michigan passed a proposition requesting that Michigan become a right to work state and the legislature and the governor complied. That's what democracy is about Mr. Hoffa. The problem is? You and your union no longer hold the power and sway that you once did over the mindless minions like the ones that followed your father decades ago. The Teamsters was a dirty union fifty years ago when Bobby Kennedy was coming after them and nothing has changed in the five decades since in my opinion. (Other than the Mob killed your father).

Look around! Michigan is in the worst shape of any state in the union. Astronomical unemployment and poverty that leads the nation. Compliments of labor unions and government over regulation of industries who no longer reside in the state of Michigan.

Unions ran these manufacturing jobs out of Michigan and these unions loons haven't got the sense enough to recognize that. They would rather wallow in the misery and blame offered up by a second generation Hoffa and a union that is so historically corrupt as to beggar belief, than to look around and smell the coffee. 

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