Sunday, October 25, 2009

Violence on Temple Mount

Israeli police storm Jerusalem's holiest site

I have absolutely no idea outside of a guess, what this represents or what it will ultimately mean, but I do know what is involved and the potential for global changing violence if this escalates.

Very simply put, the Temple Mount is the place where the first two Jewish Temples were erected and ultimately destroyed. And it is the place where the last temple must be constructed, in order to bring forth bible prophesy. Temple Mount, known as Noble Sanctuary to the Muslims, is the most contested piece of ground on this planet.

A small parcel of land that is laid claim to by both Jews and Muslims and the site of the beginning of the end times conflicts for those who are bible scholars and familiar with the significance of this site.

The fact that a militant group of Muslims has taken over the site and are attempting to incite the Israelis into responding militarily should at the least be very worrisome to most people on this planet.

At the least Temple Mount can become a flash point for renewed hatreds and animosity between the Jewish world and the west and Muslim countries. And at the worst it stands to become the cataclysmic collision point between Christianity and Islam as foretold in the Bible.

This is something that is worth watching and keeping track of, as it could easily flash into a global confrontation of nations IMO.

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