Friday, October 02, 2009

What was that clunk?

U.S. September Auto Sales Plunge; GM, Chrysler Hit Hard

What was that clunk that hit the headlines yesterday? Must have been the sound of the American auto industry clunking and crashing to the ground (again). So, they are right back to where they were before the federal bail out and the cash for clunkers program of the past few months attempted to save them.

It was my opinion (and that of many others) from the beginning (September of last year) that we should have allowed the auto makers to file for bankruptcy and de-ass the smothering union contracts that were crippling and killing the American auto industry. But Obama and his union supporting thugs were having nothing of that. Nor would our out going president Bush before him. Bush seemed content to just let the wreck of the American economy, coast silently into the next administration, while he prepared for the blessed obscurity that he longed for after the past eight years. (Thanks George).

Then once in office, Obama's rescue plan materialized. Spend billions on bailouts and the buying up of GM and auctioning off Chrysler to Fiat. Then create the cash for clunkers scheme and sell that to the people as a viable alternative to reality. Actually, cash for clunkers wasn't Obama's plan or his idea to begin with. The French and the Germans had already implemented a similar program in Europe, months before he ever debuted his plan here. And the European clunkers plan ended in the exact same result as ours has.

A lot of government money propping up a sinking auto industry and a forced perspective that changed absolutely nothing in the end. (What was that about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?)

The only measurable result of any government sponsored forced perspective, is that in the end the people have less money and the problem remains unaltered and unchanged, only to become larger. These programs cannot be maintained or sustained simply by spending the people's money to create an alternative reality. (Money runs out eventually and so does credit.)

Alternative realities are wonderful works of science fiction, but the practical application of them by those engaged in relativist social gerrymandering has never worked and it never will. Nature always seeks it's own level of equilibrium just like water does. No matter how many times man attempts to alter the natural order, given the time and the opportunity, nature always returns things to as they were and seeks to provide its own non imposed solutions for the dilemma.

Thus is the current reality and the coming epitaph of Obama's grand scheme concerning the auto industry. The beauty part about capitalism, is that left to it's own devices, it will follow the same course as nature and water. It will find its own equilibrium. And having done so, just like the Darwinist scheme of natural selection, only the strong will survive. Which is as it should be.

Barack Obama hasn't saved the American auto industry, he has killed it. And he killed it by refusing to allow it to right itself and suffer through the throes of re-birthing itself into a new and viable industry, after having shed these strangling unions. He killed it because the disease that killed the American auto industry (union labor) told him to do it. He had to do it, after all.....the unions got him elected.

So now, the first month's numbers after the end of the cash for clunkers scam is in. And what do the statistics reveal?

"Sales for General Motors Co and Chrysler -- the two U.S. automakers struggling to regain momentum after emerging from bankruptcy -- dropped by 45 percent and 42 percent, respectively."

Which is precisely what the statistics will reveal in the months to come, as 2009 closes out as one of the worst economic years on record.

The American economic egg (Humpty Dumpty) is broken. And all the king's horses and all the king's men, can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Eggs (golden or otherwise) once broken must be discarded. Our time and our effort (as a nation) needs to be invested in nurturing the goose that lays our golden eggs, not in strangling the old bird and cursing her over the eggs that we have broken. But our Fabian socialist "chef in chief" remains hell bent on making his socialist souffle and selling it to us as a banquet.

Marie Antoinette once served the people cake..... Meanwhile, our illustrious leader is hell bent on selling us fluffed up broken and rotten eggs.

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