Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corporate Malfeasance, Criminal Negligence & Blame for the "Previous Administration"

Watch the entire interview. James Carville is so mad at Obama and his administration that he is about to explode.

You will have to follow the youtube link to watch the video, seeing as ABC has disabled embedding.

James Carville has utterly no shame. The man is a democrat media whore who will always blame republicans first while making every excuse in the book for a democrat. And it certainly looks like the current debacle in the gulf, has old James in a tizzy and his panties in a wad trying to find a way to blame the republicans and George Bush for it all.

Watching the man hustle his tripe is to watch a true master of the big lie principle at work.

Where was the corporate malfeaseance back during the White Water investigation James? Or what about the criminality of one William Jefferson Clinton's perjured testimony? And what of George H.W. Bush's complicit evil in leaving all that wickedness behind for poor old Bill to have to clean up?

Quick, someone get me a crying towel.

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