Saturday, May 15, 2010

Matthews blames Cheney for the spil and CNN calls this 'journalism'

I have to admit, watching a media political hack like Chris Matthews, who is a master of his propagandist genre of pseudo journalism, gives me feelings that I have never quite had before. And watching him weave his web of sinister connection to Dick Cheney in this staged piece of tripe? Well it's exquisite! Almost like toying with an hang nail and waiting for that one glorious moment of release.

I wonder, are those tingling sensations running up my leg as I watch the master crafter of journalism, a common symptom of shock and awe over the sheer piety of Cris' presentations? Or is this malady a common occurrence in people who over indulge the arcane and idiotic in our society.

Perhaps I will fire off an email and ask Chris, as I hear that he has experience is such matters.

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