Sunday, May 02, 2010

Global Socialism Dujour

ECB President Favors Global Governance

The President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, told Forbes that global governance is extremely necessary if we want to prevent another financial crisis. In his prepared printed and spoken remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations, Trichet emphasized that politicians, economists, and financiers must work across the Atlantic and collaborate on methods to create an international set of standards. It is his belief that through global governance, the resiliency of the global financial system can be assured, noting that ultimately it was governments’ use of taxpayer’s money, equivalent to around 25% of GDP on both sides of the Atlantic, that prevented another catastrophic great depression from occurring. With the backdrop of a U.S. financial regulation bill being stuck in the Senate, he argued three main points in support of creating internationally agreed rules.

Yep, now that Greece, Spain and Portugal (and others) are on the precipice of complete financial collapsed? The solution to the world's problems is............

drum roll please............

wait for it......

You guessed it!


Global control!

A world village!

(I can almost hear John Lennon and others softly singing Cumbaya now)

So ask yourself this question and answer it if you can.

Why are the only ones who ever swallow this socialist tripe hook line and sinker? Those who have never held a job, or managed anything more complicated than a student loan application or their parent provided stipend?

Here is a hint. They are all members of the village people (AKA village idiots.)

You never knew there were that many of them did you. They are everywhere.

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