Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's been over a month........(UPDATED)

I wrote this blog earlier this morning and since then there have apparently been some similar conclusions being drawn by others,

Palin accuses Obama of being in bed with big oil7

Yes, April 20th to be precise. That is when the news of the explosion on the 'Trans Ocean Deep Water Horizon' first reached our ears. And now, the aftermath of that reality combined with the reality of a completely impotent and complicit administration and media, have come washing ashore in Louisiana.

A few points to ponder and consider.

A month after hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast? What had been the media response? And how was the president's response and the administration's response viewed by the media then? Never mind that there were two completely incompetent politicians sitting in the offices of mayor of New Orleans and governor of Louisiana at the time, the liberals in congress and the media none the less went after President Bush and his administration like hyenas tearing at a dead carcass over 'his failures" in the aftermath of Katrina.

Now, fast forward five years and make a comparison between what happened then and how the media covered it, versus the potentially greatest disaster to ever strike this nation (currently in progress) and how they are covering that.

The only response I have seen from the president or his administration so far, is for Obama to make speeches and promises and then aim his threats of accountability at the oil companies. Both the president and his key lieutenants in congress, have berated BP and promised full investigations, while bringing to a complete halt all present and future off shore exploration, but aside from that? What has been done to address what has been going on for five weeks now in the Gulf.

So far, All that I have seen is that someone in the administration opened the door on Obama's magic bus and pushed U.S. Department of the Interior’s Mineral Management Service head Chris Oynes under the bus.

Was there any roar or outrage heard from the media over Mr. Oynes failings as the head of that department? Did the media even quiver when it became apparent that the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Mineral Management Service, was the one responsible for conducting safety inspections on all off shore drilling rigs? Or that the commander in chief has been all but mute on the subject since the first explosion?

Sounds of crickets chirping.......

No, friends and neighbors, absolutely nothing has been done by this administration to intervene and stop the madness that is pumping thousands of gallons of life killing crude oil by the day into the gulf and ultimately into the demise of our nation's economy. And the only people apparently doing less to stop the catastrophe than the White House are BP and it's management.

I like all Americans, have watched and waited for over a month now for some form of solution to be applied to stopping and cleaning up this spill. During that time, I have waited three weeks to see the outcome of some super dome of concrete that was manufactured to be lifted into place and supposedly become a cap over the well, only to see that supposedly fail once it was applied.

It reportedly failed because BP said that the cap was forming ice crystals inside the cap and thus preventing them from pumping the once capped oil to the surface. Hello! Anyone else see a problem with that thinking? BP's only other alternative is to drill a parallel well to shut this one off and that will take three to four months. Meanwhile, they are collectively scratching their asses and trying to figure out how to stop it in such a fashion, as to allow them to continue to pump oil from it!

So here is the deal. They could cap the well with their concrete dome now? But to do so would prevent them from harvesting any oil from the well until some point down the road when their parallel well goes on line.

The sound of more crickets chirping in Washington and in the media....

Meanwhile, BP is flying in tons of chemical 'dispersant' daily and bombing the oil slicks in an attempt to 'disperse' the oil. So I have a question, "where does this oil go and what happens to it once it is dispersed?" I mean it has to go somewhere right? Or is this the equivalent of sweeping dust under the rug while the lump in the rug grows larger by the day.

And as I have already noted, neither the president or anyone in his administration is doing anything to even inquire with BP on it's progress, much less why they have bragged that they could easily stop a breech sixty times worse than this, but to date, they haven't been able to stop a breech sixty times less that what they claim they are capable of stopping.

And the band plays on. And Obama's EPA yesterday told BP that they wanted them to discontinue use of the dispersant because it is toxic, to which BP responded that they were continuing to use it, because it was the best one on the market. In other words, we aren't listening. (and yes, it is now Obama's EPA).

That attitude sounds strikingly similar to what these tin horn dictators have been getting away with ever since Obama set foot in the White House. No one is listening to him other than his 'in the hip pocket media' and they are fawning over every breath that escapes his lips or falls from his teleprompter. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is laughing.

Several million gallons of oil have already gummed up one of the most beautiful oceans on the planet and after over a month, nothing has been done to stop it. And now that oil is coming ashore in the marshlands of Louisiana, there is still nothing being done. And it will come ashore all along the gulf coast in the months to come. And as it does, it will not only kill fish and wildlife, but it will kill livelihoods for a generation to come.

And where is the media and where is the accountability that our forefathers entrusted them with over two hundred years ago? Who speaks for America, and who is speaking for who right now, as it concerns this administration and big oil and what is being allowed to happen and the collusion that is apparent.

If George Bush were still in the White house, there would be non stop wall to wall coverage on every channel and in every paper in America. But the fact that the media has their political and ideological idol in the White House, completely strips them of any ability or desire to be even critical of this president's failures and this catastrophe which is happening on 'his watch.'

There have been a number of proposals put forth to contain the oil, but as usual, those involved are more concerned with who gets the credit and who makes the money off the deal, than they are in saving the Gulf or the livelihoods there. In the end, the clock continues to tick and the oil continues to spew, while BP attempts to find an answer that will allow them to pump the oil while they are containing it. And it is rapidly reaching the point where the only option left, will be for the government (the military) to step in and plant a nuclear device over the well and detonate it to end this disaster.

And once that happens two things should be noted. First that we waited too long and the damage done will take centuries to undo. Secondly, that the Obama administration succeeded in killing two energy resources in the period of one catastrophe. Because once we have to go nuclear to stop this thing, that will be the end of our nuclear energy options also.

So as you sit and enjoy you Sunday morning coffee, contemplate the realities unfolding daily as this disaster continues. Then, stop and take note of who was in the White House when it happened, and what's (not) been done since and how your entrusted vanguards of democracy and freedom, (the media) have once again let you down.

Shakespeare once lamented...."the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." (Henry VI part 2)

I say, Shakespeare obviously never met a journalist or a politician. Or else that line would have read completely differently.

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