Friday, May 14, 2010

The Coming Race War in America, in a theater near you soon.

I blogged on this film about a week ago and the dangers that it represents, but since then, there have been new revelations about how this film was produced and who paid for it. And the reviews continue to point to this film as an intentional catalyst to create race riots in America.

‘Machete‘ has fallen into controversy, and it’s still months away from its September release. 20th Century Fox, which won a ‘bidding war’ to distribute the film, pulled Rodriguez’ fiery “Illegal” trailer from the web shortly after its special “Cinco de Mayo” message created a storm of controversy and fueled attacks, including one from its sister subsidiary Fox News. Fox News, in turn, pulled the critical article from circulation, entitled “Violent Movie Declares War on Arizona for Immigration Law.”

Worst of all, Robert Rodriguez’ incendiary race film ‘Machete‘ was made, in part, with help from tax incentives and location access provided by the Texas Film Commission, a division of Governor Rick Perry’s Office. A spokesperson from the organization confirmed that Rodriguez has indeed applied for funding.

Read the full report on Alex Jones website


XtnYoda said...

So... Mr. Machete sold out to be a murderous thug for some amount of money...

It's like the story of the woman who when asked if she would go to bed with this man for one million dollars... she said "yes!"

She was then asked if she would go to bed with him for 25 dollars and she indignity replied, "What do you think I am... some cheap whore?"

To which he replied, "We've already determined that you are a whore... now we're just haggling over the price."

So Machete is a for hire hit-man... but to the Mexicans in this movie... he is some kind of hero?

What a crock.

Every self-respecting Latino should lead the way is rising up against this crap.

Locutisprime said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. This film will be a catalyst to violence. Remember that this fall after it comes out and it begins.