Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just below the surface America's weakness is clearly visible

What lies just below the surface, can often times be a deadly reality. As the South Koreans recently learned when one of their ships was mysteriously sunk in the middle of the night while patrolling in their own waters.

It wasn't as if they didn't know what had happened immediately, but they immediately began to deny and downplay what they knew to be the truth about the attack and the sinking. Which begs the question in any reasoned mind.....'why would the South Koreans be so quick to attempt to brush past and deny the truth?'

If you ask me, it is because they know what their benefactors response will be. America has held treaty with the South since 1953 when the cease fire was first bartered between them and their communist cousins, but the war has never really ended. Surely, there have been incursions and treaty violations numerous times over the past sixty odd years, even soldiers on both sides killed from time to time. America has even lost soldiers to random acts of violence across the border, but never has either side spontaneously killed forty six of the other sides people.

And the question begs asking, why having witnessed an unprovoked attack against it's navy and it's sovereignty, have the South Koreans remained utterly mute in the defense of their dead. (and why has America completely ignored the specifically aimed provocation.)

Salvage crews have already raised the sunken naval ship and recovered the pieces of a torpedo that was clearly of North Korean origins. And only having produced the evidence weeks after the fact, has the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had anything at all to say about the incident. And of course the president has had even less to say.But now it appears the president has ordered some perfunctory saber rattling.

I suspect that the South Koreans have been utterly mute in defense of the reality that they know stalks their tenable existence to the south of their enemy. They realize that regardless of the American military presence on their soil, that the American threats and promises of defense against their communist neighbor, are nothing more than a straw man symbolic of what use to be the reality, rather than what is the reality now.

And Kim Jong and the rest of Asia are waiting patiently and watching and smiking and threatening more. The Chinese have to be laughing up their sleeve at America and its sophomore socialist regime. They may be our bankers and hold the keys to our mortgages?. But the then again, the Chinese have their own economic problems to worry about.

Problems that can only be resolved by their absorbing other entities in Asia. And first on their list is Taiwan. The Chinese have spent sixty five years patiently waiting for the moment in time that they knew would ultimately arrive. That moment when the great western giant would once again fall asleep or become so aged and fat, as to no longer be a real threat to their own imperial ambitions, much less the meanderings of the demented little communist dictator Kim Jong.

Of course it has not gone un-noticed by many other nations around the world, that during the latter days of those last six decades, the Chinese were feeding the wanton gluttony of America and plying their goods to the obese death of their once unbeatable enemy.

So yes, as Hillary Clinton does her dance before the UN and in the media, little will be resolved beyond chest beating and salutations. There will be no actions taken against North Korea for an open act of war against the south. Which means that at some point in the very near future, the little tin dick Kim Jong Il will once again poke the great beast and bait the dragon (America)once again in it's lair. (just as his own benefactors the Chinese have told him to). And the Iranians and other will also take note.

And once again there will be no response from the once great nation across the pacific when the next attack comes. For we as a nation are leaderless and at the fate of a Fabian socialist regime that is being controlled and steered by true Marxist from the shadows. So wait and watch America. Look for the bright glows in the west as the great dragon of Asia moves forward and all but dares their adversary and enemy to the east to even condemn their actions or those of their puppets.

Someone once said 'never bring a knife to a gun battle.' I fear that our inventory of weapons is far more bleak now than we ever imagined. We as a nation when called upon to defend either ourselves or our friends, have been reduced to using the weapons of hollow words and empty promises. We as a nation no longer challenge our enemies, we merely implicate them and call for sanctions. And the worst of it? Our enemies know that we are now no more than the great toothless beast that once roared.

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