Wednesday, May 05, 2010

These people don't know what courage is.

I found this little piece of lunacy over at Brutally Honest

I decided that I had to blog on it myself as the level of lunacy involved in this report literally boggles the mind.

NATO looks to enact "Courageous Restraint" medals

NATO commanders are weighing a new way to reduce civilian casualties in Afghanistan: recognizing soldiers for "courageous restraint" if they avoid using force that could endanger innocent lives.

The concept comes as the coalition continues to struggle with the problem of civilian casualties despite repeated warnings from the top NATO commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, that the war effort hinges on the ability to protect the population and win support away from the Taliban.

Those who back the idea hope it will provide soldiers with another incentive to think twice before calling in an airstrike or firing at an approaching vehicle if civilians could be at risk.

Most military awards in the past have been given for things like soldiers taking out a machine gun nest or saving their buddies in a firefight, said Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Hall, the senior NATO enlisted man in Afghanistan.

"We are now considering how we look at awards differently," he said.

British Maj. Gen. Nick Carter, the NATO commander of troops in southern Afghanistan, proposed the idea of awarding soldiers for "courageous restraint" during a visit by Hall to Kandahar Airfield in mid April. McChrystal is now reviewing the proposal to determine how it could be implemented, Hall said.

What we have here ladies and gentlemen, is a prima facie example of how degraded our military leadership has truly become. This is not about courageous restraint.
There is absolutely nothing courageous about getting yourself killed, so that your commanders and the CinC can claim that civilian casualties have been reduced.

What is happening here, is that the president of these United States and his military commanders, are about to set the stage for our men and women to become sitting ducks. As if they have done enough to further that goal already, they are now going to give them in essence good conduct awards?

Are you f@cking kidding me?

This is worse than simple idiocy or even random lunacy. This is an act of unmitigated evil in my opinion. And I sincerely hope that none of our courageous warriors fall victim to it.

If this is the best that the collective military minds of America can come up with? Then the time has come to simply withdraw our people and apologize to the world and bring them all home and let them get on with their lives here.

Our beloved president will even acknowledge and appreciate the opportunity to once again apologize on our behalf. November 2012 cannot arrive soon enough if you ask me. The only question left to be answered is, how many more Americans will die because of the wickedness that now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Locutisprime said...

On a side note, I emailed both of my senators on this and requested that they respond to it. I wish everyone would do the same.