Friday, May 21, 2010

A Gestapo Union Anarchist Crime

Strong language? Maybe so, but what else do you call it when the police are in collusion with thugs and union hoodlums. This is absolutely unbelievable.

D.C. Metro Police Escorted SEIU Protesters to Bank Of America Executive’s Home

The family of Greg Baer, Bank of America executive, is located in a jurisdiction protected by the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), which responded promptly to a disturbance call from his neighborhood last weekend.

According to Corporal Dan Friz, an MCPD spokesperson in Rockville, Maryland, the department received a disturbance call from one of Baer’s neighbors at 4:10 pm last Sunday. Four MCPD units arrived at Baer’s Greenville Rd. address at 4:15 pm. At least two Metropolitan Police Department units from the nearby District of Columbia were already at the scene when they arrived.

Why? Because police cars attached to the Washington MPD’s Civil Disturbance Unit had escorted the SEIU protesters’ buses to Baer’s home. Such cross-jurisdictional escort activity is not uncommon for both departments according to Friz and Metro Police Department spokesperson Officer Eric Frost. Still, the District police did not inform their colleagues of what was about to happen in one of their Maryland neighborhoods.

That's right......the "Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department sent two of their patrol cars into another jurisdiction, to escort union thugs, intent on violating the property and civil rights of an individual.

And what has been done about it? Nothing And what will be done about it? Nothing...

And people in this country refuse to believe that we are only very small steps away from Barack Obama's brown shirt brigades? Well have a look around and smell the coffee people.

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